Quickfire Interview: Location Tracking for a Safer World


Traditional personal safety and security solutions – such as door locks and car alarms – have long been used to protect against potential threats or dangerous situations. But, with IoT-enabled location tracking technologies – we can now do so much more. For example; people tracking solutions not only enable real-time location information but also peace of mind for families and loved ones, whilst empowering users to signal the need for urgent attention and call for assistance should an emergency occur.

Do you think the value of location data for innovation, operations, compliance, security, and profitability has been fully explored? Watch in full, the Quickfire Interview on Location Tracking for a Safer World with Peter Van den Houten, Director or Pre-Sales, EMEA at KORE.

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It’s often not recognised just how important location data is becoming for enterprise operations. Traditionally, it has enabled businesses to keep track of their materials and equipment, as well as their employees working with these. “A recent study of the importance of real time location data for different types of enterprises (Location Intelligence Market Study, January 2019) shows that, among other findings in other sectors, 70% of telecommunications companies consider location intelligence to be critical to their success.”

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