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Critical Asset Management
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With Critical Asset Management, you can know when your high-value goods will arrive – and in what condition. This comprehensive solution is based on advanced trackers, sensors, algorithms, cloud services, and a suite of managed services. It gives you detailed, real-time insights into your supply chain, including alerts for shock events, route anomalies, late departures/arrivals, temperature deviations, and more. An on-demand, as-a-service business model with no up-front investment makes it flexible and scalable to your needs.

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What is the Critical Asset Management (CAM) solution and what does it do?

The KORE Critical Asset Management solution is an advanced, comprehensive solution to visualise and mitigate the risks associated with global, multi-modal supply chain operations.

The solution includes hardware (for condition at the package level), communications, cloud analytics, and reporting tools as a service. Our customers can easily visualise the conditions of the asset in transportation and get early detection of risks (events) than can jeopardise the quality, integrity, and security of the product.

Through early detection (via customisable settings and thresholds per shipment) we push notifications so our customer can take action and immediately mitigate potential risks, as well as certify the integrity of the chain of custody for regulation, quality, and operational optimisation.

How does CAM work?

Through this service, customers place the tracker device on the package to collect environmental data such as location, temperature, shock, inclination, light, etc. The tracker device sends the data to the cloud in near real-time to be analysed and processed for visualisation and decision making.

The included analytic platform receives, consolidates, and analyses the information and presents it in an easily navigated user interface. Additionally, the platform allows the operator to edit data and push it to the device in the field. This gives the user a powerful multi-device tool for planning their logistics.

We have gone beyond the shipment stage and added managed services such as returns logistics, control tower, and integration for more complex environments.

What kind of applications is CAM focused on?

The solution is tailored for any customer with critical monitoring requirements of assets in transport. Typical applications are temperature-controlled logistics as well as manufacturing and distribution of sensitive equipment such as medical instrumentation.

What benefits does CAM bring to logistics and manufacturing companies?

The global logistics industry is segmented by different geographies, including multiple service providers who do not share a common visualisation and risk mitigation tool. CAM allows our customers to monitor, control, and plan global logistics, regardless of this segmentation, with one holistic solution.

Additionally, through unique historical aggregated reports per shipment, route, hub, service provider, etc., customers can optimise regulatory compliance and process workflow.

The solution is implemented as a service, eliminating up-front investment and all of the complexities of managing technology (communication issues, warranty claims, troubleshooting and support, end of life replacement, software updates, etc.). KORE offers flexible, on-demand subscription plans and manages all of these technical complexities in-house.

Is CAM a commercial product?

Yes. Critical Asset Management has been in proof-of-concept since Autumn 2019, and is now available to all of our customers for global deployments.

Where can you monitor assets using CAM?

The solution includes a unique, single SKU tracker hardware containing global multi-band wireless connectivity (LTE CAT-M1, GPRS and BLE), a gyro, accelerometer, thermometer, and onboard sensor interface pads – all of which enable the detection of a wide range of information at the package level.

This information is transmitted from any location in near real-time.

What advantages does CAM offer over existing solutions?

Presents high dynamic ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) predictions, including the ability to analyse location data and provide actionable insights – such as automatic way-point detection, route deviation, and shock detection.

  • Supply chain visibility: CAM provides logistics operators full cargo visibility throughout the entire supply chain. It improves efficiency and reduces costs by tracking transit times, inventory, and just-in-time security.
  • Customers can control thefts and losses by getting real-time alerts for route deviation, geo-fencing, and detecting shock anomalies.
  • CAM supports cold-chain management using temperature controls.
  • CAM offers a complete, turnkey, end-to-end solution including device, platform, dashboard, and development APIs. It is easy to install and easy to use.
  • One single global SKU. All of these sensor complexities, including global multi-band communication is included in one single global SKU. Simplifying operations, providing time reduction, and optimising processes/cost.
  • Adoption risk mitigation and cost containment by providing a global technical solution as a service.