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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Powered by IoT Connectivity

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In a recent survey carried out by Nissan across Europe, a total of 70% of drivers would consider buying an EV as their next car, and the most popular reason with 49% of the votes is that drivers are considering the environmental impact and benefit by a zero-emissions vehicle.

The U.S. represents only about 17% of the world’s total stock of 10.2 million EVs, however. China leads with 44% of all the EVs in the world (more than 4.5 million), while the nearly 3.2 million in Europe account for about 31%, according to Pew Research Center. While adoption in China and Europe outpace that in the U.S., the barriers are similar across the world.

One such barrier to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles is access to convenient charging stations — a struggle that Car Charged UK, an award-winning EV charging station company, is working to change.

Urban and Residential Connectivity Challenges

Car Charged UK needed reliable, resilient IoT connectivity for charging stations, which proved to be a challenge thanks to a fragmented cellular network ecosystem and other issues like signal penetrability. With urban parking areas often found in underground parking garages and basements, IoT-enabled car charging stations require connectivity that can penetrate thick cement and steel.

Additionally, resilient connectivity was needed to power charging stations in residential areas discreetly, without access to off-street parking, while enabling the transmission of data used in customer support, billing, and maintenance.

Comprehensive Solution for IoT Connectivity

Car Charged UK partnered with KORE for a reliable, resilient, and comprehensive IoT connectivity solution to power their EV charging stations in urban and residential areas. The solution includes best-in-class hardware, including routers and antennas, that drive high reliability “smart roaming” technology and multi-network, resilient connectivity to provide the best possible coverage, regardless of location. The ability to connect to 2G, 3G, and 4G across all network operators ensures connection regardless of network conditions.

Simplifying IoT Connectivity

Deploying an IoT initiative once meant choosing a single coverage plan or giving up on simplicity. As the largest single-source provider of IoT connectivity solutions, KORE enables companies to access more than 24 global carriers through a single platform that can manage them all. The ability to choose the best service plans for an IoT application — and change them up at any time — is a game-changer for successfully launching new IoT initiatives.

Download the case study, “KORE Providing Connectivity to Charging Stations, Growing Electric Vehicle Enablement,” to learn more about why Car Charged UK selected KORE as its partner-of-choice for reliable, resilient IoT connectivity.

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