Efficient, Secure M2M Wireless Payment Technology

M2M wireless payment technology capabilities are expanding rapidly. Why? They add convenience and security for commercial segments as diverse as temporary ATMs, vending machines, parking services, mobile payment in taxis and limousines – even delivery drivers.

M2M Mobile Payments

The reasons for the proliferation of M2M wireless payment technology are clear: everyone wins. With M2M mobile payments, consumers get enhanced flexibility to purchase using their preferred method – credit or debit card with their associated frequent purchase discounts. At the same time, business owners receive immediate payment with little potential for fraud, and employees are more secure as they are not carrying cash. Operating expenses from cash handling and distribution are also eliminated for the merchant.

KORE Can Help Power M2M Mobile Payments

At KORE, we know it takes a great deal to deliver wireless data, which is why we’ve partnered with leading vending and transaction processing technology companies to make the process easier. We help you provide integrated and optimized M2M wireless payment technology services so that transactions can be processed easily and securely with our global connectivity solutions.

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