Connectivity is just the beginning.
Learn about KORE's full suite of IoT services.

IoT and M2M Services

We offer a complete suite of services to support your IoT and M2M needs.


Global Connectivity

One contract. One platform. One global connection.

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Connectivity Management

Track and manage all of your devices, regardless of technology or network.

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Device Certification

Unparalleled speed-to-market with KORE's device certifcation services

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Application Testing

Our application testing with rapid access to data helps you get to market quickly.

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Benefits of Partnering with KORE

Unparalleled service and support from the leaders in IoT and M2M solutions.


24/7 Global Support

At KORE, we believe that providing the best customer support in the industry is the most important thing we do.

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Flexible Pricing

We don't believe in one-size fits all pricing. We work with you to create a customized plan that fits for your business.

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Reliability & Security

Global, redundant, 24x7 coverage capable of supporting mission critical applications.

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Our global network can handle millions of devices and a single connection to KORE provides access to a multitude of carriers.

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Global Connectivity

Data connectivity and managed IoT services in over 160 countries.

Access hundreds of networks with one connection to KORE.

KORE has established agreements with the top global carriers to provide access to hundreds of mobile networks worldwide. Your applications are able to utilize connectivity over our private network from multiple operators seamlessly with coverage delivered via the most reliable 2G and 3G networks.

We're expanding possibilities with eSim Technology

Operators like T-Mobile USA and Rogers Canada rely on KORE to enable SIMs to switch back and forth from one network and one agreement to another. Customers benefit from one bill while maintaining direct relationships with their strategic carrier partners.


Connectivity Management

Meet PRiSMPro, our award-winning platform that lets you manage all your devices from a single platform.

PrismPro Connectivity Management Platform

Our award-winning connectivity management platform makes it easy to manage all of your devices regardless of technology or network. Provision devices, customize configurations, troubleshoot device issues and control costs — all through one robust platform.

Rapid-Setup VPN Services

Dynamic portfolio of VPN connectivity options for secure IoT deployments.

KORE’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) services allow your application servers to communicate directly and securely with IoT devices.

With options available for any budget or need, your business can choose from a wide range of VPN connectivity options for secure and reliable IoT data routing.


Device Certification

Cost-effective device certification gets you to market quickly.


Develop your new device using your own or KORE's engineering services.


An experienced certification expert will test your device.


Your device is successfully certified and ready to connect.


We know the importance of speed-to-market. That's why we've joined forces with best-in-class OEM IoT engineering services.

These services combined with device certification and application testing make KORE your one-stop shop for getting your product into the market as quickly as possible.


IoT Application Testing

Get to market quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

SMPP Application Testing

KORE provides comprehensive tests for SMPP applications, ensuring that all systems meet the highest technical standards for performance and reliability.

IoT Application Testing

Get rapid insight into device usage patterns with near real-time access to data through PRiSMPro with KORE's IoT application testing and usage analysis.


24/7 Global Support

Unparalleled support through every step of the process.

Fantastic products and services are nothing without fantastic support.

At KORE, we believe that providing the best customer support in the industry is the most important thing we do. Our teams provide a truly reliable customer service and technical support experience.

We talk with our customers and our partners to find out what they need and how we are doing. We conduct regular performance reviews to scrutinize every aspect of our business, continuously measuring our performance against the stringent targets we set. We’re never going to sit back and relax. We promise to continuously strive to stay the best at what we do.