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KORE’s Telematics GSM Voice Network

KORE Telematics is a white label provider of voice services for Canadian brands and affinity marketers. Already powering a number of specialized IoT voice providers, KORE can help you implement a financially sound voice service within 30 days of contract under typical circumstances. This is thanks to our extensive telematics GSM voice program.

Success in the voice market requires well-thought-out business plans, the ability to bill and support customers accordingly, and an effective understanding of logistics and point-of-distribution. KORE has planning processes to help you evaluate your “state of readiness” to enter this market and be successful. It is important to carefully consider the challenges as well as the opportunities before entering voice resale agreements.

With a KORE GSM voice program, you have access to a wide range of inexpensive, innovative handsets to differentiate your service. In addition, our telematics GSM voice program offers the ability to create your own unique rate plans and pricing strategies, as well as build your own brand.

The KORE Telematics GSM network is extensive, covering more than 75% of the population in almost all urban Canadian markets with a quality second to none. In addition, KORE provides local voice airtime – charged by the second – and cost-effective North American long distance calling facilities. SMS, GPRS, EDGE, and HSPA data – the latter with real throughput up to 115kb/second – are added to the airtime and facilities, creating a platform for a compelling consumer product.

If content is needed, KORE manages its own Short Message Service (SMS) platforms, provides Inter-Carrier messaging, and manages its own WAP content platform services for you to use.

Finally, we deliver detailed information for billing systems as frequently as daily. Or, if you’d prefer, we can provide this through our partners as a turnkey consumer billing and rating service with integrated customer support. This is all on a “no-capital” basis through our telematics GSM program.

For more information about our telematics GSM voice network, contact us by phone, e-mail, or by filling out this short contact form.