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Operator Solutions

The KORE Platform

KORE offers an M2M connectivity management solution to operators worldwide, providing a comprehensive solution to MNOs and MVNOs that is built around:

  1. A proven, scalable M2M connected devices platform that is localized for your business operations
  2. In-Network deployment ensures regulatory and security compliance
  3. Commercial models of licensing or revenue share to optimize capital or operating cost planning strategies
  4. An experienced delivery team and approach that assures timely/quality implementation according to committed project milestones
  5. An extensive ecosystem that can be leveraged by an Operator to quickly and effectively build its own M2M success

Over the last decade, the KORE brand has become synonymous with M2M leadership, innovation and quality and as a profitable, growing company, KORE is well suited to establish itself as an Operator’s M2M Partner.

KORE Platform Advantages for Operators

The KORE Service Delivery Platform is a proven, scalable and feature-rich solution enabling Operators to:

  1. Scale your M2M business through end customer portal access to all key processes from SIM ordering and data analytics
  2. Monetize network services through a flexible rating engine for all M2M services charges, via a powerful and flexible rate plan creation toolkit
  3. Integration into existing business systems and processes
  4. Supports Operator-specific branding, complete control over all aspects of service pricing and packaging and the ability to quickly add value added services

The M2M-optimized OSS/BSS software application is installed in an Operator’s data center/cloud, behind existing firewalls, providing Operators with complete control over the platform, data sovereignty and security. Other advantages include:

  1. Integration with existing core network elements and business systems for cost effectiveness and reliability (with no requirement for international signaling links)
  2. All routing of end customer M2M data, SMS or voice traffic is via an Operator’s reliable network (the M2M SDP is not a point of failure in application data delivery)
  3. Support for  multiple network technologies simultaneously, including GSM, CDMA, Fixed Network, Satellite, 2G/3G
  4. Data, Voice, SMS and CSD support
  5. Use your own native SIMs  (all SIM types and vendors)
  6. Support of all device types and applications
  7. Customized for consistency with the your business practices
  8. Easy migration of existing M2M devices onto platform

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