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GSM Services

M2M Network Technologies: GSM Services

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, KORE owns direct connect agreements with the major Tier 1 carriers around the world – and operates its own facilities-based Network Operations Centers, delivering local connectivity through its M2M network technologies without roaming across the globe.

KORE provides flexible usage-based rating, management and billing services and value-added M2M wireless cellular services for a complete end-to-end customer solution.

M2M Wireless Cellular Services: Messaging Platforms

KORE controls all of its own network elements needed for SMS delivery, including message platforms for both production and test services, and its own Short Codes and Virtual Number services. KORE provides several Short Message Service (SMS) solutions addressing the specific needs of the M2M marketplace.

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Packet Data Services (GPRS/EDGE)

KORE employs several wireless M2M network technologies to provide standards-based packet data services over GPRS, EDGE and HSPA bearer services. KORE IP (Internet Protocol) services allow for the transmission of data using either TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) or UDP (User Datagram Protocol) transport protocols.

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