Partner Zone

As an independent advisor and IoT leader with almost two decades of experience, KORE has developed numerous strategic partnerships that span the complex ecosystem to ensure we deliver the most robust, comprehensive, and innovative products and services possible. Leveraging our strong relationships, KORE serves as a single source provider to simplify the complexity of IoT, accelerate solution deployment, and maximise the return on IoT investments for our customers.

KORE Channel Partner Program

Through the KORE Channel Partner Program, your organisation is empowered to market and sell our IoT products and services as your own offerings to diversify your product portfolio, penetrate new markets, add value for your customers, and generate new revenue streams. KORE offers a number of flexible channel programs available to meet your business’ unique requirements:



Agency Program

  • Grow your business with recurring residual payments
  • Benefit from a single partnership delivering connectivity from more than 17 major carriers globally, all managed through our connectivity management platform
  • Best suited for agents with existing wireline customers that would like to add an SD-WAN, failover, OOBM (out of band management), and/or primary wireless connectivity solutions to their portfolios

Referral Program

  • Engage in a contractual agreement to refer business to KORE and vice-versa
  • Structured partnership programs for your customers to utilize connected products and services from both your organization and from KORE immediately
  • Best suited for companies offering products or services that are synergistic with KORE's offerings

Wholesale Program

  • Purchase IoT products and services – including connectivity, hardware, devices, LBS, and professional services – from KORE at wholesale rates
  • Options to utilise your own billing, contract, and support options to service your end users, or let KORE do the work for you and bill on your behalf
  • Best suited for companies looking to offer KORE's solutions as their own to end users

Manufacturer Test Program

  • Install KORE SIMs and/or routers into your devices for seed units to prospective customers
  • Quickly allow customers to test network-activated devices in your solution
  • Flexible in our setups to work around your distribution models
  • Best suited for OEM's of connected products


Single Partner, Many Services – Integrated with all of the major cellular operators, leading device manufacturers, as well as professional and managed services providers, KORE is a single source provider for global IoT solutions that span the entire IoT implementation lifecycle.

Turnkey Solutions – KORE has the ability to inventory, kit, test, provision, and manage logistical processes for routers, gateways, tablets, wearables, and other IoT devices to provide turnkey, end-to-end solutions that simplify IoT complexity.

New and Continuous Revenue Streams  By adding KORE’s solutions to existing product portfolios, our partners can differentiate themselves from the competition while also generating new and continuous revenue streams. From equipment sales, to professional services offerings, to recurring monthly data revenue – KORE enables our partners to increase their bottom lines.

With KORE’s comprehensive IoT management capabilities and diverse portfolio of IoT products and services, organisations across industries – regardless of size and scale – partner with KORE to extend the value we provide to their own downstream customers. KORE supports strategic channel partner relationships with a broad range of businesses, including major cellular operators, telecom providers, master agencies, device manufacturers, and system integrators who benefit from KORE’s differentiated, channel-focused offerings.