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Coverage Maps

GSM Network Coverage Map

KORE  delivers GSM (GPRS, EDGE and low use voice) based services and SMPP based SMS traffic across the largest direct connect GSM network footprint available through long-term direct connect, no roaming agreement with the Tier 1 carriers including; AT&T Mobility, Rogers Wireless and T-Mobile. KORE SIMs also roam internationally with almost all major GSM operators worldwide. The KORE CDMA network is provided through long-term direct connect agreement with Tier 1 carriers.

With more than 12 cellular and satellite networks, KORE covers the globe delivering global coverage with national networks delivering local and regional solutions which meet regulatory needs, and bring economic and operational benefits to our customers. All delivered as one unique service offering from our global network center locations.

For local coverage in each market, please contact KORE for detailed coverage information by market.



International - Coverage is available in over 180 Countries Worldwide through roaming agreements that span over 400 local carriers worldwide.

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