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Mining the Iceberg: IoT Managed Services

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The expression “the tip of the iceberg” is defined as a “small part of something (such as a problem) that is seen or known about when there is a much larger part that is not seen or known about.” KORE likes to compare the deployment of an IoT solution to an iceberg. The application is what is seen above the water surface, and the details that make up the deployment are the remaining part of the iceberg under the water.

This 90% below the waterline can be filled with complexities with many moving parts, obstacles, and possible solutions. Despite the complexities, IoT is on the rise with GSMA estimating 75 billion active connected devices by 2030. However, deployment doesn’t have to be tedious.

IoT Managed Services are provided to aid business’ behind-the-scenes support. It includes a combination of technology and services that encompass network, device, and connectivity management to simplify further solutions. And the big questions stand: how can you best deploy and manage complex IoT solutions and what do these steps look like? This path can be complicated, but that’s where managed services play the major role.

Hardware Procurement, Connectivity Management, & More

The hardware procurement process can not only offer greater ease of deployment but greater security at a lower cost. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a great example of a solution that can help organisations maximise their IoT investments while securely monitoring devices. MDM solutions can also help strengthen security, minimise risk, and overall optimise operational performance. KORE handles the entire lifecycle of the devices, too. From device certification to disposal, KORE is FDA and ISO 13485/9001 compliant with American and European distribution centers for regulatory compliant managed services solutions.

And sometimes incidents happen where your device needs to be repaired or replaced – KORE also manages the logistics behind this to keep operations running smoothly so businesses don’t have to. We prepare all the hardware and devices, test the devices, to make sure everything is running seamlessly, and ship out so it arrives ready to use. Another key service KORE oversees is connectivity, network, and security management. With trusted carrier relationships, we help bridge the gap between IoT challenges and solutions.

IoT Managed Services helps a variety of verticals succeed. Some of the benefits include:

  • Speeds time to market.
  • Lessens risk complexity.
  • Improves efficiency.
  • Lowers total costs.
  • Enhances project visibility.

Deploy, Manage, & Scale with KORE

KORE is here to help you simplify the complexities of IoT deployment with KORE IoT Managed Services. Our award-winning solutions can get you up and running quickly and seamlessly. We provide global connectivity, as well as network and connectivity management, ISO- and FDA-compliant hardware, sensors, deployment, and logistics services. KORE’s new upgraded state-of-the-art managed services warehouse recently opened in May 2022. Watch this video to learn more about what goes on here and how we can best fit your business needs!

And for more information on IoT Managed Services, download our eBook here. 

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