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Expert Managed Services for the Most Successful IoT Solutions

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Trusted Advisors for the Entire IoT Lifecycle

If you know the IoT what and where, KORE will help you with the how. Connecting the dots between getting your devices delivered, connected, and supported, KORE is the behind-the-scenes support you need for the most advanced, seamless IoT solution. KORE is Eu Directive compliant, FDA and ISO 13485/9001 compliant with distribution centres in the EU and US for a fully regulatory compliant managed services solution.


Lower costs in hardware procuring; simpler device and end-of-lifecycle management

From procuring your hardware to Mobile Device Management through to end-of-lifecycle management, KORE will take care of it all. We’ll help get your devices certified and verified to get them to market faster for a lower total cost of ownership. When your devices reach the end of lifecycle, we’ll wipe them completely to keep your valuable information protected and either restock them for re-use or responsibly dispose of them.


The end-to-end solution that lets you focus on what you do best

KORE configures, tests, packages, and ships your hardware and devices for you, so that when they arrive, everything is prepped and ready, which brings your IoT solution to market faster. When devices need to be repaired, replaced, or decommissioned, KORE manages the logistics to keep your operations running seamlessly.


KORE provides connectivity, network management, and security

KORE has trusted, expert carrier relationships to help you select the right connectivity options at the most feasible cost to help avoid any failure in your IoT stack communications. With network management and control, KORE makes sure you’re covered from edge to cloud to avoid breaches, overages, and outages for comprehensive security and cost containment.

Expert IoT services for fast, frictionless deployment

Delivering amazing IoT services is about all those little things that aren’t so little – having hardware at the ready in case of a failure, getting devices into your customers’ hands quickly, and reducing the time it takes to manage your supply chain. At KORE, we know that getting all the little things right is actually a really big deal. If you’re ready to learn how a little expertise can yield some big returns, we’re ready to help.

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