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IoT Powering Smarter Solutions for Energy, Utilities and Smart Metering

Fuel Your Products with Universal Global Connectivity

Smart metering and monitoring are key enablers of smart energy – turn to KORE to deliver the IoT solutions required to ensure services are efficient and sustainable

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Efficiency & Cost Reduce site visits to thousands/millions of devices leading to a considerable reduction in operation costs.
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Durability Deploy a single SIM that is built to last for the entire lifecycle of the IoT device. That means there is no need to swap out the SIM card as carriers retire legacy services.
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Secure eSIMs can be tamper resistant since the SIM can be embedded in the device and the device can be ruggedized for tough environments.
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Deploy one sim for the lifespan of your utility devices

Change the network for difficult-to-access utility devices or smart meters – remotely without physical intervention

When you deploy eSIM technology from KORE, and it becomes necessary to change the network operator, the data for this can be downloaded to the device remotely at any time. This is particularly helpful for connected utility devices in fixed locations as they cannot be returned to easily for the physical SIM swap.

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Simplify and speed deployment with remote provisioning

Get your utility devices up and running fast – with out-of-the-box connectivity

Over-the-air provisioning enables utility devices with cellular connectivity to be shipped directly to your site and installed. When switched on the SIM is remotely provisioned to the correct network operator profile. This overcomes significant logistical problems associated with shipping SIMs separately to each location with individual installation.

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Bring more reliability to your smart meters

Drive secure cellular connectivity to fuel your utility devices

Utility companies increasingly seek to utilise cellular and IoT technology to enable the connectivity of their smart meter base. Launch eSIM technology, safe in the knowledge that you are eUICC compliant, based on the proven, established, and secure UICC platform, that is certified and specified by the GSMA.

IoT Energy Solutions for a Range of Services
Powered with next-generation eSIM technology - KORE IoT solutions for Energy, Utilities and Smart Metering help providers ensure compliance, efficiency gains and improved customer experience.

Smart Energy Transformation Shifts the Electrification of Society

The opportunity for IoT to empower utilities to maintain operational efficiency & provide seamless customer service is great, driving a global IoT utilities market worth $53.8 billion by 2024. View a recent panel as we delve into the depths of Smart Energy Management.


One Carrier-Agnostic eSIM for Flexible, Future-Proof Connectivity

With eSIM technology, you can leverage embedded connectivity that provides global coverage right out of the box and advanced auto-provisioning capabilities that ensure it is always on the right network for your service needs.

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IoT Enabled Electricity Solutions at the Touch of a Button

The demand for electrical activation in pay-per-use applications such as EV charging stations, marinas, campgrounds, and laundromats has skyrocketed in recent years. IoT has been key to meeting those needs.


Ensuring You Stay Ahead With the Next Generation of IoT technology

Leveraging nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE simplifies the complexity of IoT with complete, global IoT management capabilities. We enable your IoT vision with seamless execution and a constant focus on maximising the return on your IoT investments

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