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A Powerful Foundation for Next-Gen IoT Solutions

Develop and launch future-proof IoT applications faster – with a unified, next-gen technology and IoT Enablement Platform.

A Flexible Approach to IoT Solution Development

Only best-in-class technologies that are open, modular, and scalable can deliver on the promise of IoT – today and into the future. It’s all in the KORE One IoT enablement platform.

Open API infrastructure for IoT
Flex for the Future Without an open, flexible framework to drive rapid application enablement, it’s difficult to adapt to market demands and stay competitive. KORE can help.
Plug and play IoT
Go to Market Faster To keep up in the fast-changing world of IoT, adding products and services must be as simple as plug-and-play. KORE can help.
Keep up with IoT demand
Meet Demand Only a future-proof foundation can keep pace with the ever-evolving requirements of IoT connectivity, data and security. KORE can help.
IoT enablement platform services
Modernise Your IoT Solutions

Leverage emerging technologies to continuously provide solution enhancements.

A single IoT enablement platform can give you the right technology, tools, and services you need to rapidly create sophisticated, future-proof IoT solutions. The KORE One platform lets you pick and choose the perfect combination of auto-elastic engines, services, and APIs for today’s needs. You’ll also be able to add cutting-edge features and functions over time without risking technology obsolescence or inadequate scalability with constant updates. The KORE One architecture takes care of updating the engines with the best-in-class technologies to support the platform.

Streamline IoT solution deployments
Streamline Solution Deployments

Say goodbye to fragmented platforms, devices, and modules.

To achieve the right mix of technologies for the next generation of IoT deployments that are independent of vendors, carriers, and device types, you need an IoT enablement platform built on a micro-services architecture. Our platform offers an elastic, unified infrastructure that connects network providers to enterprise applications with secure data processing, integration, and workflow capabilities, as well as real-time billing and rating functionalities.

IoT analytics
Optimise IoT Performance

Leverage powerful analytics for intelligence that drives informed decisions.

With the KORE One IoT connectivity management platform, you can collect and analyse a variety of different IoT data sets including payload data, usage, and device metadata. Whether you are trying to troubleshoot your network or device connections, optimise your billing for the month or simply collecting your sensor data to perform the advanced use cases that you want to solve using machine learning, the KORE One IoT Enablement Platform helps you facilitate that with its in-built capabilities.

Powering Up Next-Generation IoT Applications and Services
The KORE One platform delivers on the promise of IoT with an entirely modular, API-oriented approach that enables the fast and flexible development of business-driven applications, and the ability for continuous improvement.

Streamlined management and control over every IoT connection

With this next-generation service, it’s easy to oversee more than 24 cellular and satellite carriers from a single user interface to simplify and optimise global connectivity management. You can order, provision, activate, and deactivate devices with ease, while analysing trends to improve performance. Being able to add integrated “a la carte” micro-services lets you quickly launch new services to keep customers happy.

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Actionable intelligence that drives operational efficiencies

Securing network traffic and connections at the device level is the key to handling anomalies, reducing costs, and mitigating risks. With our advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting solution, you can identify device-level security breaches by detecting changes in network behaviour. Rule-based alerts help you stay informed of stolen SIMs, device failures, and firmware misconfigurations so you can resolve incidents quickly before they can cause any damage.

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Ensuring you stay ahead with the next generation of IoT technology

Leveraging nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE simplifies the complexity of IoT with complete, global IoT management capabilities. We enable your IoT vision with seamless execution and a constant focus on maximising the return on your IoT investments.

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