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Assets and Logistics

KORE provides real-time monitoring and visibility services for in-transit goods and remote assets across supply chains with a global reach.

Move, Secure, and Manage Assets with Confidence

Moving high-risk, high-value goods across the globe is a multifaceted, multi-modal transport challenge. IoT-enabled logistics can ensure safe, secure, on-time, in-full delivery. KORE enables IoT supply chain management.

Logistics IoT asset control
Reduce Risk To ensure the safety of people and products, you must keep perishables fresh, hazardous waste secure, and assets tracked at all times. KORE can help.
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Accelerate Delivery Continuous visibility and monitoring are key to achieving on-time transit. KORE can help you anticipate issues in advance and troubleshoot delays in real-time.
Logistics IoT Improve Efficiency
Improve Efficiency Maintaining a healthy operation means streamlining your control, compliance, and cost with smart-but-simple IoT logistics. KORE can help.
Logistics IoT enhance shipment visibility and security
Enhance Shipment Visibility and Security

Get the information you need to keep assets under control in transit.

Given the scale and complexity of global logistics, it's never been tougher to guarantee the safety and timeliness of shipments. Our purpose-built IoT supply chain management enable a breakthrough in visibility and control that transforms your relationship to assets in transit. We help you reduce losses by offering the products and services you need to implement robust systems for container identification, global location information, cargo monitoring and feedback, and security alerts.

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Logistics IoT supply chain management
Optimise Inter-Modal Transportation

IoT supply chain management to track continuously and generate required chain-of-custody docs across road, rail, air, and sea.

Mitigating the threat of damage, theft, or loss is a top priority for multi-modal transport especially for high-value goods. Across all modes of transport, via the cloud and cellular or satellite connections, we provide the tools you need for real-time GPS location information as well as data on temperature, physical impacts, or tampering attempts occurring anywhere around the globe. This not only improves tracking, it helps ensure compliance with policies required for chain-of-custody and temperature-controlled supply chains.

Logistics IoT  inventory and warehouse management
Maximise Inventory and Warehouse Efficiencies

Don’t let inventory “disappear” between the tiers of your supply chain. Optimise it with world-class asset tracking.

It can be daunting to stay on top of inventory and wholesale goods as they move from production to stocking locations and on to their ultimate destinations. Our location-based services application, paired with our world-class IoT supply chain management connectivity and coverage, tracks your assets and provides the crucial real-time location details you need to optimise inventory management and reduce the risk of loss and theft.

Logistics IoT Improve on-time, In-Full delivery
Improve On-Time, In-Full Delivery

Give your team the information it needs to detect and react to real-world incidents in real-time.

While logistics teams strive for safe, on-budget, on-time delivery of goods in perfect condition, a host of real-world factors can threaten that outcome. Those threats can be mitigated when your team knows the immediate location and status of every asset in transit and receives real-time alerts in case of delays or delivery to a wrong location. Our solutions help you to audit performance and compliance as a basis for continuous improvement.

IoT Logistics for Better Visibility, Control and Compliance
Preserving, protecting, and managing the assets that matter most requires an advanced IoT logistics solution that can keep you in the know from source to final destination.

Comprehensive Solutions for Sophisticated IoT Supply Chain Management

Optimising an end-to-end wholesale supply chain requires the ability to reliably track goods from points of production through to storage and final delivery. Our solutions for package-level condition monitoring,  location tracking, global connectivity, multi-carrier communications, and tracking device certification instill next-level confidence as you move wholesale goods across road, rail, air, and sea. Real-time alerts notify you of anomaly events such as temperature deviation, shock, and tilt, giving you full visibility into the condition of your high-value assets. 

Preservation Protection for Temperature-Sensitive Transport

Cold chains represent an uninterrupted series of temperature-controlled production, storage, and distribution environments through which perishable items such as food products and pharmaceuticals must pass. To preserve quality, you need a mix of sensors, GPS technologies, and wireless connectivity that delivers real-time temperature and location information across multiple transport links and storage facilities. Our cold chain solution suite enables you to monitor each refrigerated shipment’s condition and location in real-time.

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Crucial Knowledge Regarding Whereabouts, Physical Status, and Integrity

Ninety percent of the world’s goods travel by sea. As intermodal shipping containers crisscross the globe, gaining visibility into the location and condition of their contents can be difficult. Our container tracking solution suite lets you customise a solution for monitoring and following each container in real-time. We offer best-in-class asset tracking devices attach to the container and monitor GPS location and other critical data points such as physical impacts or shocks, and tampering attempts. Data is transmitted to you through a broad and flexible network of reliable cellular and satellite carriers.

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The Returnable and Reusable Advantage

When transporting goods from supplier to manufacturer to warehouse to final destination, reusing containers, pallets, crates, and other items can dramatically reduce the waste in your logistics operation – unless those items are misplaced, misdirected, or stolen. We give you the tools to monitor the location and condition of your inbound or outbound reusable transport items (RTIs) in real-time so you can increase logistics throughput, cut asset under-utilisation, and reduce operational expenses.

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Follow Your Goods Every Step of the Way

The market does not offer a comprehensive solution at scale. Instead, spot markets dominate (smaller freight forwarders, haulers and 3PLs). No common technical system for Track & Trace exists. Transport and warehousing have generally stayed separate and disconnected. KORE Assets offers managed services for visibility and traceability with actionable data. Book some time with one of our experts today and learn how we can help your enterprise improve supply chain efficiency with IoT.

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