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Expert Help to Simplify, Speed, and Streamline Your IoT Rollout

Accelerate IoT Deployment with Help from the Experts

It may not sound exciting, but forward logistics can make or break an IoT service rollout. Without the ability to get devices out of the warehouse and into your customers’ hands quickly and easily, your IoT service may never get off the ground. That’s why KORE offers an entire suite of expert deployment and forward logistics services that drive new levels of efficiency and quality into your supply chain with IoT device management.

Forecast IoT hardware procurement
Demand Forecasting

Reduce hardware carrying costs and streamline procurement with forward-looking data and expert analysis.

We know that when you’re working on IoT device procurement, you not only need to reduce unnecessary inventory, you want to predict the future endpoint quantities you’ll need with confidence. Whether you’re looking out 30, 60, 90, or 120 days, KORE can help you develop an accurate forecast and a more efficient supply chain.

Quickly manage your IoT inventory
Order Management

Ensure the working stock you need is available when you need it while reducing excess inventory.

Whether it’s for a one-time or ongoing deployment, we know that it’s critical that you order the right amount of inventory. To ensure your orders are as accurate as possible, our IoT device management can purchase devices and accessories on your behalf, setting up advance orders and custom designed purchase triggers that ensure you have the right inventory on hand.

Easily deploy IoT hardware with staging and kitting
Staging and Kitting

Get your IoT hardware pre-configured and ready to go, so your users can get up and running faster than ever.

Whether your service is built on asset trackers, telematics equipment, routers, gateways, tablets, or smartphones, it’s critical that your devices are ready for rapid deployment. With our staging and kitting service, you can trust that your devices are fully assembled and configured when they arrive in your customers’ hands. Our IoT device management includes software configuration, SIM card installation, firmware updates, accessory integration, and custom component packaging.

Warehouse solution for IoT device inventory
Inventory Management

Let us warehouse your devices for faster delivery and more accurate operational planning.

When it comes to inventory management, stocking the right amount of devices is important, and getting them into your customers’ hands quickly is critical. That’s why KORE offers dedicated space in our secure, strategically located distribution centers and a team of experts who can help ensure that your hardware inventory is accurate and your shipments are fast. IoT device management from KORE is also able to track your inventory with a unique device identification number, record purchase information, and document warranty start dates so you don’t have to.

Expert evaluation of IoT deployment sites
Site Assessment

Know that your fixed deployment locations are well suited for new IoT technologies with an expert evaluation.

When you’re ready to deploy on-site IoT technologies, inadequate infrastructure, physical impediments and environmental limitations can cause deployment delay that you don’t need. To keep things moving, our experts can evaluate your deployment locations prior to installation to validate and remediate RF signal strength, network performance, and other key metrics and resolve potential issues before they delay your IoT rollout.

Turnkey service for IoT rollouts
Installation and Activation

Scale your deployment capabilities and accelerate even the largest IoT rollouts with our turnkey service.

When you’re ready for deployment, knowledgeable staff aren’t always on-hand and available to help with the installation and activation, and that can really slow you down. With our on-site installation and activation service, you can avoid the common delays and headaches of installing routers, gateways, and other endpoint devices at your customers’ locations. Our experts not only deploy a broad variety of endpoint devices, they conduct network activation and application validation to help speed and streamline service deployment.

IoT device management platform
Asset Management

IoT device management that keeps your supply chain running smoothly with tracking and maintenance for the devices you’ve deployed.

When you ship devices to customers, it’s important to know that they are up-to-date, in warranty, and in the right hands. We track every KORE procured device with a unique IMEI or serial number, and keep tabs on its device-to-site assignment, firmware status, SIM card, maintenance history, and chain of custody. With our asset management service, you’ll know the status of your devices at all timesno matter where they are in their lifecycle.

Expert IoT services for fast, frictionless deployment

Delivering amazing IoT services is about all those little things that aren’t so little – having hardware at the ready in case of a failure, getting devices into your customers’ hands quickly, and reducing the time it takes to manage your supply chain. At KORE, we know that getting all the little things right is actually a really big deal. If you’re ready to learn how a little expertise can yield some big returns, we’re ready to help.

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