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Navigate Imminent 2G/3G Sunsets and Enjoy a Seamless Migration to LTE

Leverage industry insights, device expertise, and all-inclusive services to ensure a smooth move to LTE.

Simplify the Transition to LTE

As we prepare for 2G/3G network shutdowns, it’s time to begin planning your migration to 4G LTE and beyond. But without a best-practice approach, this transition can be complex and costly to navigate. Our experts can help you select the right device, provision, configure and even leverage replacement and installation services to get you future-proofed LTE connectivity that’s ready for what’s next.

Prepare for 2G/3G network shutdowns
Network Shutdowns Prepare for network migrations with early access to carrier shutdown information and a strategy that’s driven by broad IoT and wireless expertise.
Future-proof LTE connectivity
Future-Proof Connectivity Ensure long-term connectivity by accessing a broad portfolio of LTE solutions that span a range of SIM card and IoT network technologies.
Leverage our 4G LTE device expertise
4G/5G Devices Leverage our large device selection and our expertise with selecting the right LTE device for network optimisation.
Detailed migration plan for LTE migration
Manage Disruptive Network Shutdowns

Ensure device and SIM card switches take place on time to minimise disruption in service.

KORE helps you manage the logistics of 3G sunsets with a detailed migration plan. With our LTE readiness assessment and early access to carrier network shutdown schedules, you can be sure that your transition takes place before your devices and SIM cards are no longer supported. You not only avoid the cost of a communications blackout, but also minimise the expense of redeploying personnel to get your services back up and running.

Choose from a large catalog of LTE devices
Upgrade to LTE Technologies with Ease

Choose from a large catalog of LTE devices and service options.

When you partner with KORE, we streamline the LTE device procurement, activation, and configuration process to make upgrades as simple as possible. Our end-to-end planning provides risk analysis and identifies the right hardware and software services for your specific use cases, while giving you access to advanced low-power wide-area (LPWA) LTE network technologies including NB-IoT and Cat-M options.

Cost reduction for 2G/3G sunset device migration
Maximise Your Migration Investment

Control the costs of day-to-day operations.

By leveraging our hardware consultation services, you can make sure you invest in the right combination of technologies that best support your business goals. If you take advantage of our OpEx procurement model, you can also reduce the cost of migrating devices during 2G/3G sunsets, helping to better predict and maximise ROI.

LTE Migration for Future-proof Connectivity

Deploy wireless networks that will continue to support the evolution of IoT.

LTE Migration for Future-proof Connectivity

With LTE in place, you now have a solution built for today and tomorrow that can support new and emerging applications, so you’ll be able to continue to power your IoT networks. And when you deploy LTE with KORE eSIM technology, we guarantee connectivity for the entire lifecycle of your solution and provide a carrier-independent over-the-air (OTA) platform that fully transfers services without needing to physically swap SIM cards for always-on connectivity.

LTE Migration for Reducing Expenses

Leverage the cost benefits of future-proof technology.

LTE Migration for Reducing Expenses

With LPWA LTE technologies, you can reduce cellular module costs, as well as lower your device unit expenses. What’s better is that you won’t have to worry about migrating again for years to come.

LTE Migration for Increased Coverage and Security

Support and protect a large number of devices over a wide geographic area.

LTE Migration for Increased Coverage and Security

LTE networks provide indoor and outdoor coverage in previously-unreachable locations along with end-to-end secure connectivity and support for user authentication.

Comprehensive LTE Solutions That Make Network Migration Easy
The earlier you begin your migration, the more flexibility you’ll have for implementing the approach that’s best for your business. KORE can give you a jump start by removing the complexity of upgrading to new IoT solutions – an advantage that can only come from in-depth expertise and strong industry relationships.

Ubiquitous coverage for more powerful IoT performance

KORE partners with more than 24 cellular carriers around the globe and offers LTE connectivity from all the major North American carriers such as A&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Rogers. We also give customers access to the broadest range of LTE options including LPWA options like NB-IoT and Cat-M − all managed through our centralised ConnectivityPro platform.

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Pre-integrated devices to accelerate deployment

When your organisation is ready for the latest LTE-capable devices, KORE is ready to help. We offer best-in-class equipment from leading manufacturers including Cradlepoint, Digi, MultiTech, CalAmp, and Suntech and we pre-integrate our solutions with LTE connectivity so they’re ready to go when they arrive.

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Expertise makes operational processes easy

 KORE delivers a broad suite of professional services, spanning the entire lifecycle of LTE migrations and IoT networks. Key services include expedited device certification, module selection, and over-the-air testing for proprietary devices that need to be redesigned, as well as deployment logistics to manage and simplify implementations. 

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Your guide to a more powerful IoT network

KORE helps you navigate 2G/3G network sunsets and upgrade to the latest LTE technologies, while minimising the business impact of the transition. By leveraging our strategic carrier relationships, you’ll have advanced access to shutdown information to get a jump on your migration strategy. We’ll also make sure you get the best global connectivity options, a cost-effective way to invest in next-gen devices, and tailored professional services – putting you on a path to the fast, future-proof IoT environment your customers will love.

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Next Generation IoT Technology for Network Shutdowns