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Reliable Wireless Business Internet Made Simple

Maximise network performance with powerful 5G internet solutions that’s always ready for business.

Get Connected − Stay Connected

Reliable and always on internet plays a vital role in keeping your main offices, remote locations, and IoT networks connected. And if the internet goes down, productivity can plummet. That’s where the right network connection can make all the difference. Powered by broadband routers and LTE connectivity, a wireless internet solution can help you avoid outages and keep your business moving.

 wireless technologies as your primary internet connection
Reliable Communications Leverage wireless technologies as your primary internet connection for exchanging data with remote sites and IoT devices.
Ensure continuous business connectivity
Uninterrupted Operations Ensure continuous operations and keep your team connected with the speed and reliability of 5G with primary and failover internet access with all major carriers.
connect offices and IoT devices easily
Simplified Connectivity Streamline implementations and connect offices easily with fully managed routers, gateways, and 5G connectivity from a single provider.
Deploy cellular as a primary network
Deploy Cellular as a Primary Network

Replace costly landline connections with reliable wireless networks for remote offices and devices.

5G can replace and upgrade your legacy wireline connections, and KORE Wireless Business Internet solutions provide the solution. Routers and gateways, bundled with 5G connectivity, cost-effectively deliver primary Internet connections to your distributed enterprise with primary and failover connections bundled to ensure your business is always connected.

Prepare for wired internet service disruptions
Gain Immediate Failover Capabilities

Prepare in advance for wired internet service disruptions.

In the event of wireline internet outage, KORE Wireless Business Internet solutions can failover immediately to 5G and LTE wireless networks to backup internet connections. This allows your distributed enterprise to maintain operations without missing a beat.

Direct traffic intelligently with the power of SD-WAN technology
Leverage the Power of SD-WAN

Direct traffic intelligently over wired and wireless connections.

Based on your speed and security requirements and the real-time condition of your wired and wireless Internet connections, KORE Wireless Business Internet can leverage solutions SD-WAN technologies to determine the most efficient route to send each data packet and different data types. By dynamically directing traffic through a mix of connections, your business benefits from internet connectivity that’s reliable, secure, cost-effective, and fast. 

Connectivity That Drives Efficient Communications
When connecting offices and IoT devices, deployment speed rules the day. To streamline wireless connectivity, KORE pre-integrates components and manages the logistics to get your business up and running fast.

Wireless networks that deliver 99.99% uptime

KORE gives you a choice of Tier 1 cellular operators from leading carriers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Rogers. You can right-size your data plans based on application needs, as well as monitor and manage the performance of all your carriers via a single connectivity management platform. 

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Accelerated deployments for immediate connectivity

KORE Business Continuity solutions feature pre-integrated cellular routers and gateways from leading manufacturers such as Cradlepoint and Accelerated that offer advanced features and streamline deployments. We also offer management platforms through our partners so you can manage devices remotely.

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Device staging, kitting, and SIM activation

Prior to shipping Business Continuity solutions, KORE customises your device configurations and then activates and tests your IoT endpoints for the fastest deployment time possible. Our services also include SIM installations, firmware updates, accessor integration, and custom component packaging.

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Your Global Connectivity and IoT Provider

As a single ecosystem wireless network partner, KORE assembles all of the pieces of the connectivity puzzle and consolidates multiple vendor relationships into one. You also benefit from solutions that reduce the need for internal training and third-party IT services. And with our streamlined ordering, invoicing, and comprehensive logistics options, you gain access to pre-configured solutions and your choice of CapEx or OpEx pricing models.

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