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Easy Access to Advanced Core Network Capabilities

Get fast Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) deployment that is easy to set up and simple to operate.

Reduce the Complexity of Deploying IoT Solutions

If you want a comprehensive set of solutions that get your quick and easy access to the advanced core network capabilities you need, it's time for KORE.

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Self-Service Autonomous control in managing network, security, and connectivity capabilities.
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Cost Effective Minimal capital investment and quick time-to-market.
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Technology Future-proofed, API-driven IoT core delivering multi-tenant slicing, local break out, and network-centric service control.
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Low Total Cost of Ownership

Minimal capital investment with a scale-as-you-grow model

Our managed service enables rapidly scaling infrastructure to meet the evolving business needs whilst reducing investment in expensive, time-consuming development.

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Manage Multiple Carriers Through a Single Solution

Streamline operations and fast-track deployment with a single view of your IoT estate

Managing multiple carriers, network technologies, and invoices can quickly consume employee time and make it difficult to focus on more value-added activities. Deliver self-service ordering and provisioning through a single management platform for all supported network offerings.

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Meet the Ever-Changing Telecom Landscape

Gain access to future-proofed technologies meeting the everyday needs of your customers

Deploying IoT projects efficiently is challenging. Built on cloud-native architecture, KORE managed services reduces the challenge by delivering a flexible solution with features such as local breakout, multi-tenant slicing, and narrow-band support.

IoT Connectivity For The Business Of Today
Gaining access to advanced core network capabilities shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why KORE designed its core network as a managed service to help you get more done – faster.

The right IoT data plan for any application

With plans from 24 global carriers and counting and a full range of SIM technologies, KORE can help you ensure that you’ve got the connectivity you need to enable the most advanced IoT services around the globe. We offer LTE, Cat-M, narrowband IoT, satellite, and more – with plan sizes ranging from 50kb to 100Gb+. And with a full suite of traditional SIM and eSIM offerings, you’ll achieve the flexible, seamless connectivity you just can’t get from a single carrier.

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Monitoring, management, and control for every IoT connection

Our refined platform makes managing global connectivity as quick and easy as it should be. That's because KORE ConnectivityPro brings together all the advanced functions you need to manage every network connection across multiple carriers and satellite providers as one. Whether it's ordering, provisioning, or activating new services; monitoring usage and identifying issues; or analyzing trends to improve performance - ConnectivityPro provides a single, unified platform that can do it all.

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One carrier-agnostic eSIM for flexible, future-proof connectivity

KORE offers a single eSIM that can be deployed as either an embedded or removable card. IoT-grade and ruggedized, our eSIMs can operate in a wide range of environments and can be programmed remotely based on GSMA eSIM specifications.
With KORE eSIM offerings that support multiple carrier profiles and remote SIM provisioning, you’ll benefit from the most flexible, future-proof IoT connectivity solution available today.

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Your Expert Partner in eSIM Technology

Leveraging decades of IoT knowledge and experience, we simplify the complexity of launching eSIM so you can achieve your goals quickly and hassle-free. With a full suite of global IoT management capabilities and a full set of hand-picked solutions that are designed to just work, we’re making it easier than ever to get eSIM up and running. Book sometime with one of our experts today – and learn how we can help your business get ahead with eSIM.

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