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Precise Asset Tracking System for Improved Efficiency

Streamline distributed operations with easy access to real-time intelligence and location information on all of your moving parts.

Expert Location-Based Services for People, Vehicles, and Assets

If you don’t know where your resources are – and where they’re going – it can be all but impossible to find and fix operational inefficiencies. When you’re ready for advanced location-based services, you’re ready for KORE.

Expand Tracking Services
Expand Services Complex technologies prevent providers from delivering the solutions their customers need. KORE can help.
Expedite IoT Deployments
Expedite Deployments Working with multiple providers and managing different contracts can be time-consuming and costly for businesses. KORE can help.
Ensure continuous tracking
Ensure Continuous Tracking Sporadic coverage due to unreliable LBS infrastructure can lead to interrupted tracking operations. KORE can help.
Track and manage business vehicles
Track and Manage Your Resources

Monitor activities and movements to obtain actionable intelligence on valuable business vehicles and assets.

Businesses need to ensure employee safety, security, compliance, and efficiency. To help, KORE empowers managers with advanced data collection and analysis along with geofencing capabilities that help evaluate driver behaviours and trip routes with an advanced asset tracking system.

LBS 1600x945 Goal#2 (1)
Streamline Fleet and Daily Operations

Automate the analysis of resource activities to allow managers to run more lean operations.

Manual processes make it difficult for managers to evaluate fuel usage, service hours, maintenance workflows, and time schedules. Organizations of all sizes, budgets, and technical resources that manage vehicle fleets can benefit from our automated analysis capabilities to improve operational effectiveness, efficiencies, and productivity.

Asset tracking solutions
Improve the Bottom Line

Give managers the ability to reduce administrative costs and material losses.

Without real-time information on resource locations, managers can’t make informed decisions on how to schedule more efficient trips to get vehicles and assets where they’re needed. In addition to helping reduce driver downtime, KORE location-based solutions enable businesses to decrease the number of lost, stolen, and misplaced assets.

Integrated Solutions for Tracking People, Assets, and Vehicles
Monitoring resource locations involves complex integrations involving devices, connectivity, and software. KORE ties together all the components with a turn-key asset tracking system.

An easier way to manage vehicles and drivers

KORE offers a turn-key solution that simplifies remote tracking, monitoring, and management of vehicles and drivers by eliminating costly integrations and configurations. Our solution includes a robust fleet management application, managed network connectivity from Tier 1 cellular operators, and support for advanced vehicle tracking devices from leading manufacturers.

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Actionable intelligence that drives operational efficiencies

KORE delivers real-time capabilities that help you improve resource utilisation, drive operational efficiencies, and ensure the safety and security of employees. The comprehensive, plug-and-play offering includes all the components you need to implement allocation-tracking solutions while simplifying deployment and ongoing operational management.

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For pinpointing latitude, longitude, ground speed, and direction

KORE helps you manage vehicle fleets by providing access to accurate location data to identify opportunities for improving productivity and increasing operational efficiency. With our solution, you can leverage real-time tracking capabilities that increase productivity, reduce operational costs, enhance safety, and improve security.

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Ensuring you stay ahead with the next generation of IoT technology

Leveraging nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE simplifies the complexity of IoT with complete, global IoT management capabilities. We enable your IoT vision with seamless execution and a constant focus on maximising the return on your IoT investments.

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Next Generation IoT Asset Tracking Technology