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Single SIM.
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Install one SIM, one time – and enjoy coverage wherever it’s needed and connectivity that lasts the entire device lifecycle with KORE eSIM technology. Try it out with our free eSIM starter kit.

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Streamline Your IoT World with eSIM technology

When you’re ready for a single SIM that delivers future-proofed, global, multi-networked connectivity – you’re ready for eSIM. With eSIM technology, you can leverage embedded connectivity that provides global coverage right out of the box and advanced auto-provisioning capabilities that ensure it’s always on the right network for your service needs.

Streamline IoT connectivity with one SIM
Embedded Connectivity Streamline your IoT ecosystem with one SIM that’s bundled with resilient, global coverage to meet the needs of virtually any application from day one.
Future-proof esim
Future-Proof Design Deploy a single, ruggedised SIM that can last for the entire lifecycle of a device for easy upgrades and maximum investment returns.
Provision single SKU SIM cards remotely
Device Auto Provisioning Simplify your operations with single SKU SIM cards that can be remotely and automatically provisioned to the optimal local network.
Eliminate downtime for SIM card swaps
Deploy One SIM for the Lifespan of Your IoT Devices

Eliminate truck rolls for SIM swaps and avoid the downtime that comes with network service sunsetting and migrations.

When you deploy eSIM technology from KORE, you’re deploying a single SIM that’s built to last for the entire lifecycle of the IoT device. That means there’s no need to swap out the SIM card as carriers retire legacy services and transition to what’s next.

Single-SKU SIM to manage multiple carriers
Bring More Efficiency to Your IoT Logistics

Overcome the cost and complexity of managing multiple carriers and multiple SIM types.

With a single-SKU SIM card that can be remotely provisioned for any network, you’ll have less inventory to deal with and fewer carrier contracts, platforms, and invoices to manage.

Host multiple carrier profiles SIM
Simplify and Speed Deployment with SIM Autoprovisioning

Get your devices up and running fast – without the extra step of SIM card provisioning.

When you move to a flexible eSIM technology solution, you’ll love its ability to host multiple carrier profiles, get the best profile activated and support remote over-the-air provisioning – so your devices reach your customers faster than ever – all while streamlining the management of activating plans.


Detect and identify device eSIM functionality issues before deploying to the field and avoid jeopardising the success of a project.

Self-service device validation enables users to validate devices in just under 15 minutes, instead of having to ship it and wait a few weeks. Now, it’s simple and quick to validate your device with any KORE eSIM – including the free starter kit.

KORE OmniSIM Offering

Omni Reach

Omni Reach takes the headache out of global deployments. An award-wining solution – Powered by centralised multi-IMSI technology – that truly covers the globe with access to 600 mobile networks in 198 countries.

Omni Reach

OmniSIM Reach provides global connectivity on KORE eSIM technology and enables roaming access to nearly 600 networks in 198 countries. It is differentiated in the market by delivering resilient coverage through multiple available networks per country. Built on a centralised multi-IMSI design, OmniSIM Reach combines KORE roaming sponsors so that customers get the best price and while maintaining the widest coverage.

Omni Rush

Omni Rush is a cost-effective solution designed with performance and flexibility in mind. Rush delivers for those IoT use cases that require higher data usage plans.

Omni Rush

OmniSIM Rush is an extremely powerful eSIM offering that is designed to deliver high bandwidth performance, while maintaining flexible and automated carrier options. It removes the headaches often associated with global IoT deployments and is an optimal solution for high-usage plans from 100MB/month and up. OmniSIM Rush is available in the U.S. and Europe through 61 networks in 34 countries.

Flexible Solutions That Help Accelerate eSIM Deployment
Even though eSIM technology is a relatively new technology, it shouldn’t require a huge leap of faith to deploy. That’s why KORE provides a full suite of coverage and eSIM solutions that give you all of the flexibility you need to deploy what’s next – right now.

The right connectivity for any IoT application

With plans from 24 global carriers and counting and a full range of SIM card options, KORE can help you ensure that you’ve got the connectivity you need to enable the most advanced IoT services – around the globe. We offer LTE, Cat-M, narrowband IoT, satellite, and more – with plan sizes ranging from 50kb to 100Gb+. And with a full suite of traditional SIM and eSIM offerings, you’ll achieve the flexible, seamless connectivity you just can’t get from a single carrier.


One carrier-agnostic eSIM for flexible, future-proof connectivity

KORE offers a single eSIM that can be deployed as either an embedded or removable card. IoT-grade and ruggedized, our eSIMs can operate in a wide range of environments and can be programmed remotely based on GSMA eSIM specifications. With KORE eSIM offerings that support multiple carrier profiles and remote SIM provisioning, you’ll benefit from the most flexible, future-proof IoT connectivity solution available today.

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Permanent Roaming Solutions

For long-term global solution deployment, permanent roaming is not the best solution. Instead, deploying eSIM or Multi-IMSI SIMs that can support multiple carriers and be provisioned over-the-air simplifies the complexity of managing global connectivity.

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Your Expert Partner in eSIM Technology

Leveraging decades of IoT knowledge and experience, we simplify the complexity of launching eSIM so you can achieve your goals quickly and hassle-free. With a full suite of global IoT management capabilities and a full set of hand-picked solutions that are designed to just work, we’re making it easier than ever to get eSIM up and running. Book sometime with one of our experts today – and learn how we can help your business get ahead with eSIM.

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