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A Digital Approach to IoT Lifecycle Management: MODGo

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The Internet of Things is becoming more and more readily adoptable. The path to launch has previously been met with hurdles in key areas, such as devices, connectivity, and cost management. Over the last two decades, these challenges have been met by technology solutions and organisations offering services to help deploy IoT more effectively.

Because of these developments and support services and solutions, IoT is expected to grow in adoption during this decade, with the GSMA estimating 75 billion connected devices by 2030. As more organisations see success in IoT, the desire to aggregate more of the processes is likely to increase which can bring several important benefits. 

Managing IoT Holistically

A lot of organisations leveraging IoT turn to third-party services and solutions, which are very helpful in managing the complexities of IoT. This can present a challenge with creating a fragmented ecosystem. The greater visibility and insight into managing the IoT lifecycle can increase quality of service, as well as optimise management.

When a company can manage some of the complex aspects of IoT without having to pick up the phone and call an account manager, it not only reduces the overall complexity, but it can enhance the IoT solution and potentially reduce costs.

Digital and Unified

Managing IoT solutions is critical but complex. Key area include device provisioning and activation, kitting and shipping so the devices are ready to work out of the box when they arrive. Delivering a complete solution to customers where minimal setup is required is a key value proposition.

Whether it is a fleet manager installing in-vehicle video for a fleet of vehicles, remote patient monitoring devices being sent to patients participating in a clinical trial, GPS and condition-based sensors to monitor packages in logistics, or devices to monitor machine health in industrial manufacturing, the ability to turn on a device and have it be connected to the network and running analytics right out of the box is the ultimate goal of IoT and managed services makes that possible.

IoT is moving towards being a plug-and-play solution in a lot of areas, and a significant driving factor in that is the ability to have insight and ease into the processes that make IoT work optimally.

KORE has developed MODGoTM, its automated managed services tool, as a way to Manage, Order, and Deploy on the Go. MODGo is a Software-as-a-Software (SaaS) solution that covers everything from device certification to compliant shipping to drive new levels of efficiency and quality into your IoT ecosystem.

KORE was recently shortlisted as Product of the Year for new product launches by the IoT Global Awards. To learn more about MODGo, check out this interview at Mobile World Congress with KORE CEO, Romil Bahl.

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