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Connected Health Use Case: Remote Patient Monitoring for Home Dialysis

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The adoption of connected health solutions continues to rise across all industry segments, driven in part by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The global connected healthcare market is projected to reach $155,550 million by 2026, up from $50,950 million in 2019, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.2% between 2021 and 2026.

One connected health use case that continues to see growth is remote patient monitoring for home dialysis. According to a report published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, “Remote patient management (RPM) offers renal healthcare providers and patients with end-stage kidney disease opportunities to embrace home dialysis therapies with greater confidence and the potential to obtain better clinical outcomes.”

KORE worked with one of the world’s largest kidney dialysis providers to deliver a connected home dialysis solution that solved business challenges for the company while improving outcomes for patients.

The Challenge

The dialysis provider required a wireless connectivity solution for its home dialysis equipment. The company also needed the ability to provide remote diagnostics and proactively order consumables based on tracked usage; reduce lead time on service requests; as well as remotely monitor and collect patient dialysis results. It was also critical for the company to maintain regulatory compliance by creating a real-time data stream.

The Solution

The company partnered with KORE for regulatory-compliant IoT lifecycle services, including project management, hardware sourcing services, engineering services, wireless management, and ongoing fulfilment. KORE also provided the company with end-of-life support, operational reporting, and sourcing of cellular router hardware (2G and 4G versions), as well as configuration, kitting, provisioning, shipping to clinics, and installation of the hardware solution.

The Results

The company was able to achieve three primary results through their partnership with KORE in delivering the connected home dialysis solution: proactive supply chain management, remote patient monitoring, and a reduction in IT staff intervention.

Proactive Supply Chain: By partnering with KORE, the company was able to collect accurate data, shared in real-time, related to consumable usage which allowed supply chain managers to accurately forecast demand. This resulted in the elimination of product shortages due to usage anomalies.

Remote Patient Monitoring: The solution, enabled by KORE, allowed the company to remotely monitor and collect patient dialysis results and transmit data records to a HIPAA-compliant data repository. This solution saves the patient trips to their doctor or clinic, as well as allows more clinician uptime and efficiency. The care team response time and accessibility to data can enable faster interventions and improved patient outcomes.

Reduction in IT Staff Intervention: The company achieved up-to-date and accurate machine data and performance which allows internal IT teams to stay on top of regular maintenance and service scheduling. Additionally, support with real-time data allows the company to diagnose technical issues more quickly and make more efficient use of technical resources.

KORE Connected Health Enablement

The post-COVID healthcare landscape is making connected care technologies that enable remote patient monitoring a must-have. Deploying connected health devices not only requires the right technologies, it also requires the right connectivity and robust IoT managed services. KORE helps healthcare companies across all industry segments and use cases put it all together. KORE Connected Health solutions include the coverage, devices, and services it takes to securely collect and transmit real-time patient data.

Download the eBook, “The Complete Guide to Connected Health,” to learn more about leading industry segments and use cases for IoT connected health technology.

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