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Effortless and Comprehensive IoT Solutions for Utilities

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a complex technology solution that combines many different components, including hardware, connectivity, data computing, and much more. Within the utilities sector, the potential of IoT is immense, from tank monitoring to shaping futuristic smart cities. Yet, navigating this intricate landscape can be daunting. Register for the webinar - 5th December at 3pm AEDT.

The sensors and devices within IoT utility solutions run the gamut of low to high complexity, which creates challenges in device hardware and firmware and the type of connectivity to power those devices. Not all connections are born equal; pairing a low-complexity device with a 5G network might not yield fruitful results. Consider security, longevity, and reliability, especially in the depths of underground solutions or remote locations with weak signals - the complexity multiplies.

Enter the IoT providers, the unsung heroes of this digital saga. These experts understand that organisations crave the benefits of IoT without the headache of managing its intricate components. While there are many IoT providers in the market, comprehensive IoT providers emerge as beacons of support, excelling in various pivotal areas:

Devices and Hardware

Sourcing the right devices and hardware for solutions can be difficult, and logistics can be a headache. With IoT providers that work specifically in this area, it is faster and simpler to source devices because they work specifically in the IoT field and have built relationships with expert providers.
For new devices that need to be certified to a network, an IoT provider can help fast-track that sluggish and complex task. An IoT provider can also configure and activate devices so that they arrive ready to work right out of the box.


The world of connectivity boasts myriad options, each vying for attention. IoT providers serve as expert navigators, helping organisations choose the best connectivity technology through the right Mobile Network Operator (MNO) or even multiple technologies through multiple MNOs. They bridge the gap between multiple carriers and technologies under a unified management platform rather than tackling it contract-by-contract, easing the complexity.


Data, the lifeblood of IoT, needs seamless passage from device to cloud. Top-tier IoT providers seamlessly facilitate this journey, integrating with major cloud service providers for effortless data transmission.

IoT Managed Services

The many different components of the IoT technology stack need to work together harmoniously for the best results, and it can be challenging to ensure everything is working properly when most organisations need dedicated IoT teams. An IoT provider can act as an extension of an organisation and handle the logistics of IoT solutions so everything runs smoothly.

IoT in Energy & Utilities: Powering Smarter Solutions

In this webinar (5th December at 3pm AEDT), you will hear the latest insights from leading IoT analyst Kaleido Intelligence from a recent study titled ‘Serving the Enterprise: The Cellular IoT Connectivity Opportunity’. This study gathers key data points and responses from IoT cellular adopters and non-adopters in energy and utilities on the themes of complexity, roaming, security eSIM and private LTE/5G. Also, ask all your questions and hear from Industry experts as we delve into the world of IoT. Register here.


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