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In-Vehicle Video Aides in Saving Kidnapping Victim

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For real-time monitoring that enables enhanced driver safety, the KORE Fleet In-Vehicle video brings fleet management on the road to mitigate collision risk and help lower insurance costs. A KORE Fleet customer chose the Advanced Location-Based Services offering and, in a shocking event, this video telematics solution resulted in aiding in the resolution of a kidnapping situation by providing location and visibility that was utilised by law enforcement.

This video is an example of how, in an extreme case, in-vehicle video solutions can provide the highest level of driver safety.

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Managing Challenges on the Road

With KORE In-Vehicle Video solutions, cameras are leveraged inside a vehicle’s cabin to monitor driver behaviour. This solution is used not only for enhanced driver training with fleet managers due to its ability to detect unsafe driving behaviour, but can also aid in proactively mitigating insurance costs and uphold accident investigations.

While cameras placed on the outside of the vehicle help avoid collisions – including on the sides to avoid blind spot collisions, on the front for forward collisions, and on the rear for visibility in reversing – cameras on the inside of the vehicle directly monitor driver behaviour. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 94 percent of collisions are attributed to human error.

Advanced Location-Based Services and Video Telemetry

Typical Location-Based Services (LBS) telematics on the market can detect certain behaviour based on data collected from the vehicle, including harsh braking, accelerating, and cornering. Advanced LBS using in-vehicle video takes a greater step forward by monitoring driver behaviour.

With video telemetry that is paired with artificial intelligence, as in the case of the KORE In-Vehicle Video solution, events can be captured such as drowsy driving, cell phone use, distracted driving, smoking, driving too close, and lane departure.

These events are captured and the fleet manager is notified in real-time through a comprehensive platform. In the case of this video, the driver was forced off the road, and a lane departure notification was sent through the platform. The real-time video, which was also stored for historical viewing, showed the driver being forced from the vehicle and into the kidnappers’ car.

Using GPS location tracking and the captured video, the KORE Fleet customer was able to provide details to law enforcement to track down the kidnappers and safely return the victim the same day.

Artificial Intelligence Paired with In-Vehicle Video

Had it not been for the artificial intelligence analysing the driver behavior and sending alerts to the platform, this incident may not have been resolved as quickly.

The power of artificial vision paired with the in-cabin video allowed for this event to be flagged and sent to the platform in real-time. Outside of this extreme event, video telemetry paired with artificial intelligence provides in-cabin feedback to the driver to mitigate risky behavior.

For example, if a driver were becoming drowsy, the artificial vision is trained to detect warning signals and will send an audio and visual alert to the driver in real-time.

While the case of what occurred with this KORE Fleet customer is rare, the benefits of AI-enabled in-vehicle video help minimise the risks of collisions by tackling the biggest challenges in unsafe driver behaviour.

KORE Fleet In-Vehicle Video Solutions

With KORE Fleet AI-enabled In-Vehicle Video, fleet vehicles are equipped with an out-of-the-box bundled solution that includes indoor cameras, an advanced driver assistant system, an indoor mobile DVR, and an in-cabin feedback display.

This plug-and-play solution not only allows for real-time alerts to the driver and fleet manager through a strong, unified platform, but video is also captured in real-time through high definition and stored historically in standard or high definition formats.

And with KORE connectivity leveraging multi-carrier and network technologies, our solutions have you covered no matter where your vehicles travel — whether in high congestion or rural areas.

To learn more about KORE Fleet bundled Location-Based Services solutions, check out our eBook “Artificial Intelligence Driving Better Safety, Higher Cost-Savings for Fleet Management.”

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