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IoT: Enabling the Executive Car

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As busy businesspeople know, the entire world is now an extension of the office. Whether at home, at the coffee shop, or the airport, it is critical to be connected and ready to respond – wherever, whenever. So, it is no surprise that vehicles are becoming increasingly connected – an office on wheels – with IoT-based applications. This allows travel time, which was once at odds with productivity, to become more beneficial.

From the moment you put on your seatbelt, WiFi hotspots are engaged, allowing instant connectivity, whether you are a passenger or the driver. On the road, audible alerts notify you of incoming emails that your car can “read” to you. Voice-activated identification systems allow you to respond without diverting your hands from the wheel or attention from the road.

These advances are especially helpful when long drives are necessary. You can head to where you need to be while maintaining always-on business efficiency. GPS systems immediately use vehicle-to-everything (V2X) capabilities to alert you to potential road construction or shutdowns, and sharing the most efficient route to the office or meeting site.

As you drive, you are notified that a conference call you forgot about is happening in 15 minutes. With hands-free Bluetooth dialing and calling capabilities, you can still take that call from the comfort of the driver’s seat with no interruption of business continuity. Voice-activated capabilities also allow you to do online research quickly and safely.

For many professionals, business travel does not include trips to the airport – it means extensive time in the car to destinations just a few hours away. In cases where you are traveling to an unknown area, IoT-enabled security systems allow you to make sure your vehicle is safe and lets you know when an issue arises. The systems can automatically contact local authorities as needed.

Cars connected with vehicle diagnostics are critical for those who spend extensive time traveling on the road. Identifying signs of automotive trouble allows drivers to take preventative measures that can drastically reduce the risk of a breakdown on the way to a client, or prospective client, visit. But more importantly, for those who spend so much time on the road, their safety and the safety of fellow drivers is increased.

The options to remain connected and increase productivity while in transit will only continue to expand. We have not gotten to in-car refreshment capabilities yet, but would anyone be surprised with an “espresso button” in the near future?

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