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KORE Announces Innovative IIoT Platform at MWC Americas

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KORE is excited to announce a new product at MWC Americas – a streamlined platform for Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions. Come check out a demonstration on the exhibition floor and see how a powerful platform can optimise IIoT and simplify data analytics for actionable intelligence.

Industrial IoT (IIoT) is the digital transformation that manufacturers and OEMs are undergoing to mitigate significant challenges in the sector. The collection of data in industrial has long since been a way to drive profits, keep costs lower, and maximise efficiencies. Many manufacturers and OEMs already have digital processes in place, likely in the form of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

The digital transformation within the industrial sector is now taking data-collecting processes and protocols and connecting them to the internet to open a new channel of digitisation – IIoT.

Benefits of Industrial IoT

IIoT can help manufacturers and OEMs with some of the greatest hurdles in the industry – skill gaps in the workforce, rising demand, safety, and machine help. According to a McKinsey & Company report, those manufacturers who have adopted IIoT have seen a 30 to 50 percent decrease in machine downtime, a 15 to 30 percent improvement in productivity, and a 10 to 20 percent decrease in costs.

The key benefits of IIoT are:

Predictive maintenance: By equipping machines with sensors, data can be read that gives insight into machine health and helps prevent unplanned downtime, which can be extremely costly.

Mitigate machine costs: When monitoring machine health and making proactive instead of reactive decisions, machine health can last longer, and it can reduce costs associated with damage and maintenance.

Boost productivity and efficiency: Having granular insight into processes, as well as optimising machine production, can certainly create more efficient flows and increase how many products are manufactured per machine.

Reduce planned and unplanned downtime: Again, unplanned downtime can be mitigated with insight into machine health and performance. Planned downtime can even be lessened by having a focused approach to what needs maintenance.

Remote access: Remote access can be leveraged by OEMs equipping their products with IIoT so technicians can remotely diagnose and repair equipment, which is a significant value-add. Or it can be utilised manufacturers being able to remotely repair hard-to-reach or dangerous equipment.

Analyse and optimise processes: IIoT moves from a big data approach, which can be very difficult and laborious to analyse into intelligent data, where you have the information and analysis on hand to quickly digest and make informed decisions.

The analysis angle of IIoT is incredibly important in getting the most out of your IIoT solutions, which is why KORE has created IndustrialPro.

KORE IndustrialPro for Valuable Insight

As part of the KORE suite of IIoT solutions, IndustrialPro is the powerful platform users can leverage to see advanced data analytics into processes and condition-based monitoring. With real-time data, IndustrialPro highlights maintenance analysis, troubleshooting, and gives key insight into production and processes so you can increase your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

IndustrialPro can easily integrate into your existing processes, which helps get your digital solutions up and running faster and more affordably. This customisable platform can fir your specific requirements for data analysis, reporting, and conditioning monitoring to provide insight on connected equipment across multiple locations and multiple production lines.

Check out our IndustrialPro Platform Demo to learn more about KORE's powerful platform solutions.

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