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KORE Connections: C.J. Melvin, Sales Development Representative

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In a world obsessed with connections, from fast streaming services, to building personal networks, to even connected cities and homes, it is the personal connections that matter the most – that is why we are proud to introduce KORE Connections. This new forum is a Q&A series where our thought leaders and innovators can share their perspectives on life, innovations, and business which could help you in building your own connections.

Charles (C.J.) Melvin serves as a Sales Development Representative for KORE and has been a part of the team since summer 2022. He attended Kennesaw State University for two years, and then transferred to the Art Institute of Atlanta for a degree in Sound Engineering.  C.J. has an extensive background in hospitality and business operations, as he previously managed a total of four restaurants in Atlanta where he developed vendor relationships, oversaw inventory management, and ensured customer satisfaction. 

Q: What are you doing in your role right now?

A: At KORE, I am responsible for presenting KORE’s solutions to companies in need of IoT solutions and services while reengaging with existing customers to share additional value-add services they may not be aware of to help their business grow and accelerate ROI.

I then coordinate discovery calls with our appropriate Business Development Managers to continue the conversation. I am currently partnered with two members of the fleet team, Anthony Salazar and Laska Gilberti. I have a direct SDR team that works under Max Ingram, and I feel extremely thankful to have an effective leader with a team that works so well together. 

Q: What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

A: I tend to stick to a consistent daily routine because I feel most fulfilled when I have structure and stay productive. During my time, I enjoy making music, playing basketball and golf, being outside, and cooking. Oh – and I find cleaning therapeutic! 

Q: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

A: When I was 12 years old, I created my own “lawn care business”. I would go from door-to-door in my neighborhood, passing out “CJ’s Lawn Care” flyers and consistently maintained about 10 clients every summer until I was a freshman in college. I also worked at a few retail stores in high school, and after many years of working hard in different jobs, I saved up to buy my first truck.

Q: What’s your favorite comfort media (book, show, movie, music, etc.)?

A: My favorite comfort media is definitely music.

Q: Speaking of music, we heard you’re passionate about songwriting. How did you get started writing music and what inspires you?

A: My father has always played many instruments (piano, guitar, drums, etc.) my entire life. He was also a great singer. He is the one who instilled the passion of music in me, and it wasn’t until after high school that I started pursuing music. I stumbled upon an artist my first few days at KSU which led me to a season of finding my passion for writing, producing, and being on stage. We had the pleasure to open for artists like B.o.B, Icona Pop, and Aaron Carter with the songs we wrote and recorded. I then later got an internship at a recording studio. When I reflect on times like this in my life, I am reminded how blessed I feel and that is what inspires me to keep being creative. 

C.J. is sharing his talents with us in a special “IoT Rap” written and recorded exclusively for KORE. Listen below!

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