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KORE Partnership with Orange Enables Agile eSIM Solution

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IoT is undergoing a fairly significant transformation as data consumption continues to increase both in the business and consumer sector. Historically for IoT, data consumption has been relatively low. Think of a utilities or warehousing device that wakes from sleep mode once a week, takes a reading, and communicates that small packet of data before returning to sleep mode.

Low-complexity use cases is how it’s been identified that not all cellular connectivity for IoT devices is one size fits all, and how low-data, low-power consumption cellular connectivity technologies in LPWA have risen. The need for lower complexity IoT devices in many IoT use cases – particularly Massive IoT – will still be a strong sector within IoT.

But conversely, as IoT becomes more integral into business functions and plays an active role, rather than a more passive data aggregator, the demand for devices and SIM cards to communicate sizeable data packets is going to grow.


The KORE OmniSIM Rush is an excellent choice for use cases requiring higher data usage. KORE OmniSIM Rush provides resilient connectivity across 61 networks in 34 countries in the U.S. and Europe. This is a cost-effective solution for those IoT use cases that require higher data usage plans from 100 MB and up, and there’s no permanent roaming restriction for IoT deployments using the 901 IMSI.

KORE has worked diligently to create eSIM solutions that function for all IoT use cases, and also offers the OmniSIM Reach, which is a global, future-proofed eSIM leveraging eUICC and Multi-IMSI technology. KORE has partnered with major carriers and Mobile Network Operators across the globe to provide seamless connectivity for IoT deployments via its OmniSIM.

OrangeTM, a leading network operator serving customers in 220 countries, is one a partner of KORE. “We at Orange are thrilled to partner with KORE, taking an important step to unlock the full potential of eSIM for customers with IoT use cases that require high performance and global coverage,” said Bénédicte Javelot, CEO Orange Wholesale France. “More than ever, our customers are expecting us to go beyond traditional connectivity to provide global, innovative, and resilient IoT solutions.”

eSIM and Critical IoT

IoT is truly entering a new decade of sophistication and demand, and one of the largest-growing sectors of this sophistication is going to be seen in Critical IoT. The resilience of 'Failover Connectivity' is going to lend itself to use cases such as robotics in healthcare, virtual and augmented reality in business, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare, and autonomous vehicles, beginning with automated guided vehicles (AGVs). AGVs, which are vehicles that operate without human supervision, will be used in industrial settings both on the manufacturing and warehousing floor, and AGVs will also be used outside of warehouses. Ultimately, autonomous vehicles will take to the road in fleets and in consumer automotive.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The ability to communicate data quickly is going to develop new IoT use cases and enhance many others. Industrial IoT (IIoT) is another area that is anticipated to rapidly grow in the development of smart factories that leverage robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality.

The devices collecting and communicating data are going to become more sophisticated and demand greater capacity for data. One issue that arises from that is the ability to support these use cases affordably. While IoT is certainly growing in sophistication, the cost of supporting large data communication in a widespread IoT ecosystem might outweigh the benefits and cancel out ROI.

Add to that, the need for SIM cards to operate in a roaming capacity can be prohibitive, not just in the short term, but also in the long term.

eSIM solutions are growing in popularity for the ability to provision remotely so that connectivity is always available, and it’s important to choose an eSIM that can support high data usage.

Want to learn more about KORE OmniSIM? Check out this datasheett that provides greater detail into the KORE eSIM solution!

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