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Massive IoT and Agriculture

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The role of the Internet of Things (IoT) is extremely important in the agriculture industry. IoT provides farmers with leverage from big data to analyse, regulate, and monitor their crop systems. “Massive IoT” is essentially a large ecosystem of connected devices or sensors, and its use has expanded across smart farming sectors.

According to Insider Intelligence, the number of agricultural sensors is projected to increase to nearly 12 million globally by 2023. Evolving IoT technology has made efficient, precision farming possible for harvesters.

Applications in Smart Farming

So, what kind of IoT technologies are included in “Massive IoT”? Water management, real-time monitoring, and fertigation are all great examples of applications that are improved by IoT technology. These solutions help bridge the gap between supply and demand issues with not only physical materials, such as animal feed, but also manual labor shortages.

Big data also aids data collection from smart greenhouses, climate conditions, and agricultural drones. IoT collects the data and accurately sends the information to all the monitoring systems across the farm.

Benefits of IoT

Real-time monitoring transmits data from sensors to notify farmers on water, feed, and cleanliness levels. How does this improve farmers’ production system? By using smart systems, harvesters can cut time and money and reinvest those assets elsewhere.

For example, precision agriculture allows farmers to monitor livestock, bins, and crops from their handheld device, essentially eliminating the in-between manual steps. Ultimately, farmers can rely on their monitoring systems to provide them with accurate data anywhere, leading to safer, cost-effective farming practices due to IoT solutions.

IoT for BinSentry

BinSentry is a US-based agricultural technology company that provides digitalised solutions for farmers across the country. Their goal is to create efficient production and support sustainable solutions. Supporting sustainable connectivity can be tricky when using an abundance of devices. This is where Massive IoT plays a role. In order to leverage deployment, BinSentry needed an ecosystem that was manageable from anywhere.

KORE engaged BinSentry to seamlessly manage their platforms through seamless connectivity and one consolidated, award-winning platform, ConnectivityPro™. KORE provided the agricultural company with resilient technology which prevents data overages, cuts costs, and diagnoses connectivity issues rapidly.

To learn more about how Massive IoT aids smart agriculture, download our case study, “KORE Supports Smart Agriculture for BinSentry”.

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