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Post-Pandemic Remote Work Trends and Business Continuity Solutions

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a significant part of the workforce to adapt to remote work, and many employers were not fully prepared for this sudden shift in business operations. Faced with the realities of operating during a global health crisis, businesses were forced to choose between establishing new remote work policies or shutting down operations altogether. Many chose the prior option to shift to a remote workforce in order to keep their doors open and businesses running. 

Many lessons were learned about the workplace, including that remote work is possible for many organizations that had not previously embraced it. While maintaining productivity and managing staff were primary concerns, along with finding the right business continuity solutions, many companies are finding that their employees are keeping pace and morale is high among remote workers.

The Future of Remote Work

Gartner recently conducted a survey of hundreds of professionals in human resources and finance and spoke with thousands of executives and employees to determine emerging trends, the long-term impact of COVID-19, and business implications. Among their findings was that nearly half of employees plan to continue working remotely at least some of the time post-pandemic.  

Some companies have already prepared for this trend. Employees at Twitter and Square have already been given the option to work from home permanently. Other companies, like Facebook and Google, have extended their work from home policies through the end of the year. It’s become clear that remote work will continue to grow as companies adapt to changing times and new technologies, and with it will come the need to deploy business continuity solutions in order to maintain productivity and operational efficiency.

Impacts on Business Continuity

Preparing for the future means companies will need to invest in the right technology to support long-term remote work. While many employers have been leveraging tools to help gain visibility into productivity, including project management, customer engagement, and communication applications, they are also needed to assess their business continuity plans and IT infrastructure.

Emerging security threats as a result of a remote workforce should be top of mind for employers. In addition, network outages can result in a loss of employee productivity, unsatisfied customers, and lost revenues. That’s why it’s important for IT departments to evaluate their primary internet connections to make sure they are set up to ensure reliable, secure connectivity that isn’t as vulnerable to security threats or costly outages. A range of business continuity solutions exists that can help achieve this.

Wireless Networks for Remote Offices

In place of costly wired internet access, and where landline connections are not a business necessity, cellular wireless networks can be a reliable option. This is a cost-effective way to deliver primary internet connections to remote workers in geographically dispersed locations. Business continuity solutions include wireless networks that deliver 99.99% uptime, ensuring that operations continue to run smoothly.

Backup Internet Connections

When primary internet outages occur, business continuity solutions can immediately failover to cellular wireless networks and backup internet connections. This allows your headquarters office to remotely access critical network components and continue communications with remote employees.

KORE Business Continuity solutions give you a choice of cellular operators from leading carriers and the ability to right-size your data plan based on application and workforce needs. Pre-integrated cellular routers and gateways offer advanced features while streamlining deployments. KORE even offers a comprehensive bundle that’s effective and affordable, making it easy to ensure your business is set up for success in the post-pandemic work environment.

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