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Remote Equipment Monitoring in Manufacturing and Industrial

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Industrial remote equipment monitoring (REM) is a solution that pairs sensors with industrial equipment so that it can be analysed and drive data-backed decisions in industrial and manufacturing operations. Remote equipment monitoring is gaining popularity in the industrial sector because it helps address the need for efficiency and productivity.

Specifically, the sensor data from the production equipment, can be accessed by employees on site, or remote. This data can be aggregated with similar equipment across multiple production locations so the data analytics can drive the optimal production settings and consistency across the company's operations.
Not only can this give insight into manufacturing equipment to help create efficiencies, but it can also be used in myriad industrial applications such as oil and gas, metals and mining, waste and wastewater, energy, and more.

Heavy machinery equipment leasing has been one of those growing industries and REM in remote locations has been key cut costs due to theft or damage. A KORE customer in Australia is using KORE IoT solutions to track more than 400 pieces of equipment with visilbity into lcoation and usage. This supports the security and logistics elements in knowing where equipment is, and it also supports the billing and usage elements for business operations, as well as maintenance and monitoring of machine health.

REM offers numerous benefits, such as the ability to monitor equipment from anywhere in the world. This helps companies address issues promptly, saving time and money by avoiding on-site inspections and repairs. Additionally, real-time monitoring helps prevent equipment failures and downtime by identifying potential issues early, also known as preventative maintenance.

These real-time insights into equipment performance can help companies identify potential issues before they become major problems, enabling them to take corrective action quickly. Furthermore, remote monitoring technologies can help companies optimise their equipment maintenance practices by identifying when a component failure or preventive maintenance action is needed with a data-driven IoT solution. This helps organisations avoid the costs associated with unplanned downtime, emergency repairs, the wait time for the service technician or spare parts to arrive, as well as the loss of production.  

One of the great benefits of IIoT remote equipment monitoring is its compatibility with existing legacy equipment.  It can be coupled with cellular connectivity, bypassing the capital expense and sometimes inaccessibility of running new LAN lines in a production facility. These systems easily scale across the production facility.

Achieving simplicity with IoT is not always easy, which is why it is important that organisations must carefully select appropriate monitoring technologies and ensure that they are installed and maintained correctly.

See How KORE Can Help

Despite these challenges, remote equipment monitoring is a valuable tool for companies to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce downtime, and save money. Companies looking to enhance equipment monitoring and maintenance practices have the opportunity to do so through IoT and leveraging an expert IoT provider in the industrial space can be beneficial.

An important way to tie together industrial solutions is by utilising a platform supporting IoT across all functions. Learn more about how KORE supports that through its powerful IndustrialProTM platform.

KORE offers a breadth of pre-configured or standalone solutions and services to help organizations capture the benefits of IIoT, which include:

  • Increased uptime: Through equipment monitoring in order to be proactive about maintenance.
  • Automated field service activities: Allows repair dispatch to be smooth through connected devices.
  • Equipment management: Helps achieve top efficiency through an edge-to-cloud solution that allows high visibility.
  • Predictive modeling: Collected data can help build models to understand outcomes.

Want to take a closer look? Watch this short demo video on IndustrialPro.

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