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Risk Avoidance Through Fleet Telematics

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According to Automotive Fleet, the average fleet driver travels between 20,000 to 25,000 miles in one year. Non-fleet drivers only drive between 12,000 and 15,000 miles per year, resulting in a 1/15 ratio of being involved in an accident. Given the comparison in miles traveled, it can be assumed that fleet drivers have an increased exposure to being involved in a collision.

However, risks have the potential to be avoided. IoT provides smart safety solutions for both companies and drivers.

What is Telematics?

Simply put, telematics is a system that connects and monitors vehicles by using GPS technology. These solutions work by storing and analysing critical data that is then sent to fleet managers. IoT is the driving power behind this transformation of fleet management. This tracking system helps fleet drivers remain safe on the roads, while improving operating costs and productivity.

Benefits of Fleet Telematic Systems

  • Efficient Vehicle Maintenance:
    • Unexpected vehicle maintenance is often costly, disruptive to your schedule, and hurts your customer service. However, to avoid these unforeseen repairs, advanced telematics offers scheduled maintenance to fully maximise fleet travel time. Telematics is reliant on time, engine hours, and odometer readings from the vehicle.
  • Location Technology:
    • Telematics work cohesively with GPS tracking devices to monitor vehicles and routes. Location tracking is an important piece of the puzzle to increase fleet utilisation. Knowing routes can help you adjust accordingly if something goes wrong on the road – maximising the total driving time and mileage for fleet drivers.
  • Safe Driving and Driver Behaviour:
    • Not only do telematics have the ability to monitor vehicles, but driver safety and behaviour, as well. Video solutions are powered by AI-technology to track driver eye movement. If the driver were to become distracted or nod off, resulting in unsafe conditions, an alert is immediately released to notify the driver and fleet managers.
  • Vehicle Theft Recovery:
    • If one of your vehicles happened to be stolen, tracking technology has the ability to monitor the location promptly by using GPS and satellite connectivity solutions.

How KORE Can Help

Operating fleet vehicles to ensure drive safety can be tricky. This is why KORE offers an In-vehicle video solution to increase productivity and streamline maintenance. Altogether, fleet telematics work efficiently to create peace-of-mind driving and seamless damage control.

To learn more about the benefits of fleet telematics, check out KORE’s In-vehicle video Demo.

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