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Simplifying IoT Connectivity to Achieve Business Objectives

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The shift to digital technologies, particularly the Internet of Things (IoT), in order to achieve optimal business outcomes is an important digital transformation strategy for enterprises. Whether those solutions support connected healthcare, asset management, wireless business internet, fleet management, industrial, or otherwise, the connectivity powering those solutions must align. 

Connectivity choice in IoT is crucial to get right at the beginning of an IoT deployment for several reasons.  It affects scalability, cost, power efficiency, data requirements, coverage, security, longevity, reliability, and more. Making an informed decision can save time, resources, and potential issues down the road as your IoT ecosystem grows and evolves.

For example, asset tracking and management use cases, require mobile devices and connectivity that can cover large geograhical regions. In industrial, devices might need to be ruggedized and require embedded connectivity. For critical IoT like healthcare, connectivity needs to be highly reliable or require high speed, throughput and low latency to power complex devices and applications.

KORE, Beecham Research, and Airgain will present a webinar on 13th September at 4pm UK, “Simplifying Connectivity in IoT to Achieve Business Objectives,” to tackle the opportunities and challenges in IoT connectivity. The speakers will discuss the various approaches to connectivity regarding specific use cases and how to build optimal solutions to achieve the greatest success, as well as the impact of developing technologies in this webinar. 

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