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Kicking off the Decade of IoT at MWC Barcelona 2021

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According to a recent report from GSMA Intelligence, 63% of enterprises have IoT as part of their digital transformation agenda rather than as standalone initiatives, with most of the deployments (61%) mandated by headquarters rather than being driven by local champions. Even though IoT deployments are scaling up, some challenges broadly remain. KORE experts and thought leaders shared insights into the evolution of IoT, best practices for solutions deployment, and the importance of preparing for the future to maximise IoT frameworks during the partner power hour event at MWC Barcelona 2021, “Stepping into a New IoT Generation: Sophistication in Strategy, Management, and Forward Thinking.”

Agility in IoT

As emerging technology and trends are solving some of the past challenges of IoT, we are beginning to see its potential to create a fully connected planet. Though IoT solutions have become much more complex, solutions deployed by enterprises have become a critical part of operations. Particularly as new connectivity technologies such as 5G become more common, it’s important for a company’s IoT strategy to be agile.

KORE CEO Romil Bahl gave the keynote address during the KORE partner program power hour at MWC Barcelona and explored how IoT enablement needs have grown more complex and users become more sophisticated. He also discussed the seven key areas of strategy for IoT success and how the latest buzz trends affect a company’s strategy.

Connectivity Management Redefined

IoT adoption has reached a new level now that early adopters are seeing IoT solutions become an invaluable and critical arm of operations. Newer adopters are defining IoT solutions as crucial to business success. As end users’ IoT use cases become more advanced, the requirements for connectivity management solutions become more complex.

During the IoT Tech Hub at MWC Barcelona 2021, Marco Bijvelds, KORE SVP and John Chambers, KORE VP presented “The Decade of IoT” and explored how to construct a proper IoT architecture, the eSIM vision and growth of connected health through COVID. They also discussed an interesting case study: how IoT-enabled drones deliver critical medical supplies to remote countries across the globe.

The Future of IoT

IoT solutions have advanced quite a bit since their initial versions, becoming ingrained into business operations and users’ daily lives. From driving greater patient results in connected health solutions to providing greater levels of safety for drivers and passengers on the road, IoT has the potential to create more positive outcomes across the world.

KORE experts provided key insight into where IoT is headed, especially regarding emerging technologies such as edge computing and 5G, at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2021.
They discussed key benefits and drivers of 5G and edge computing, how AI and analytics is the next frontier for IoT, and how customers can gain intelligence through analytics.

Simplifying IoT

KORE helps simplify the complexity of IoT with comprehensive, full-suite solutions that allow organisations to deploy, manage, and scale IoT for impactful business outcomes. We offer carrier-agnostic connectivity, cutting-edge hardware and devices, and professional services to support use cases in many industry sectors such as assets, fleet, connected health, industrial, and communication services. As a trusted IoT partner and expert advisor, KORE has a unified platform for IoT and operations management, strategy, security, technology evaluation, analysis and optimisation, and logistics.

Watch the  on-demand recordings of the KORE partner power hour at MWC Barcelona 2021, beginning with the keynote by CEO Romil Bahl, “IoT Strategy, Tech, and Trends,” to learn how to navigate the new era of connectivity chaos in IoT.

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