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Unifying IoT Connectivity

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Cellular IoT deployment can come with its challenges – and this is a key area that repeatedly was examined in a recent global survey conducted by Kaleido Intelligence with over 750 respondents who either have deployed or are considering deploying IoT projects.

One of the top three challenges for initial IoT deployments is connectivity management when operating with more than one carrier. Not only is managing different providers tricky but sustaining those important relationships can add to the complexity to IoT deployments.

Challenges in Multi-Carrier Solutions

While connectivity management challenges can be as diverse as the full range of IoT opportunities, there are typical obstacles that crop up when deploying an IoT ecosystem:

  • Monitoring monetary costs
  • Organising inventory
  • Activating devices to enhance scalability
  • Resolving issues to avoid solution downtime
  • Integrate different services on one interface
  • Expand regionally for global coverage

A unified approach to these challenges can be found in a connectivity management platform, which positions a platform to be a highly beneficial tool in an IoT ecosystem. However, according to the Kaleido Intelligence survey, respondents still struggle with choosing a management platform that incorporates an all-in-one solution for their IoT needs.

Notably, 46 percent of respondents said they find it difficult to integrate non-cellular devices to the connectivity interface, and 48 percent of people said device management tools are lacking as an integrated feature all together. Enabling this kind of solution is not always easy to find – but a comprehensive management platform offers services that you can’t pass up. A solution like this provides resilient connectivity to maintain important carrier relationships and trusted IoT infrastructure.

Trusted Partners for Service Providers

KORE has established carrier relationships across the globe. We supply organizations with the tools they need to succeed with a unified connectivity interface. Our awarding winning connectivity management platform ConnectivityProTM is a streamlined and simple experience that enables users to monitor their IoT network quickly and easily for advanced visibility and control. KORE’s platform for a unified experience supports connectivity for more than 24 leading, global cellular and satellite carriers via a single user medium.

Serving the Enterprise

The Kaleido Intelligence survey touches a high-level overview of key features, challenges, and technologies in the future of connectivity. KORE joined IoTNow and other industry experts in a recent roundtable, “Serving the Enterprise: The Cellular IoT Connectivity Opportunity”. To learn more about enterprise views towards cellular IoT and get a further deep dive into the industry survey, watch our on-demand webinar.

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