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eSIM for IoT: Connectivity Continuity Without Borders

828x640 Asset Webinar Global eSIM Webinar 20 August

All market indicators point to eSIM being on the cusp of explosive growth due to the demand for out-of-the-box global connectivity & built-in resilience, led by businesses IoT strategy, regulation, and new types of IoT use cases requiring flexible connectivity. Beecham Research projects eSIM growth will more than double worldwide from 28 million units in 2018 to 60 million units by the end of this year.

Even though there are huge benefits for eSIM, there is much trepidation to leap forward: "eSIM is just an embedded SIM... eSIM and a roaming SIM are the same thing...eSIM is too expensive" are just some of the statements that we've heard. Besides, many businesses are still confused as to which connectivity solution to choose and why.

View this webinar recording to explore:
  • The Growth of eSIM and Debunking eSIM Myths
  • Four Key Considerations to Global IoT Deployment
  • How to Scale Security with eSIM