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Dantracker Case Study: Global, Scalable IoT Connectivity Powers Dynamic GPS Tracking Solutions

Read this case study to learn how GPS tracking provider Dantracker scaled their business globally with KORE.

GPS tracking technology has become more attainable for businesses thanks to advancements within the Internet of Things (IoT). And at the heart of this technology, which enables continuous location data transfer, is reliable IoT connectivity. One major challenge faced by organisations looking to scale their GPS-enabled asset tracking solutions to new geographic locations or regions is the complexity of managing global connectivity requirements.

For Dantracker, a modern Danish IoT company, this complexity was compounded by the fact that their GPS tracking solutions were powered by their proprietary tracking devices, management portal, and mobile management application. As they grew their customer base to over 25,000 trackers in 75 countries, they realised the difficulties they faced in managing their network of over 11,000 dealers. While Dantracker excelled in certain areas of IoT-enabled tracking services, they knew they needed to fill in the gaps by partnering with a true IoT partner.

Dantracker’s CFO started looking for a partner who had the ability to deliver guidance on how to grow and scale their business and improve their end-user deployment strategy. The relationship has grown to be a true partnership, where KORE serves as an advisor and industry expert, allowing the Dantracker team to focus on other ways to innovate and optimise operations.

Download the KORE Case Study – GPS Tracking to discover:
  • Key challenges Dantracker faced in scaling their asset tracking IoT solution offerings
  • How and why they chose to partner with KORE to solve these challenges
  • The benefits their organisation has seen as a result of their partnership with KORE