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Simpel: Simple To Say, Not So Simple To Do

Access this case study to learn more on delivering simplicity to the SIM-only mobile subscriptions market.

By the end of 2020, there are expected to be more than 9 billion active mobile cellular connections. And with this growth, Mobile Virtual Network operators (MVNO) like Simpel have been challenging traditional mobile network operators to provide SIM-only mobile subscriptions to consumers that have grown wise to overpriced mobiles and plans. For example, many consumers after finishing a 12-24 month contract, keep their phone and turn to the many great pay-as-you-go (PAYG) offers available.

The challenge Simpel faced was clear: deliver cellular connectivity, without frills and with incredible service, to everyone. From there, managing mobile subscriptions through a partnered network was something that required the right collaborator, which is where KORE came in. KORE entered the picture early on as a technology partner that would allow Simpel to focus on their customers, without compromising the strong wireless offering that it planned to deliver. Simpel asked KORE to provide a complete MVNE service.

Access the full case study to learn how KORE, as a trusted IoT advisor, empowered Simpel to leverage the following capabilities and services:
  • A complete MVNE service, including Mobile Network Access, Core Network, Order Flow, Self Service Capabilities, Billing & Customer Service.
  • Leveraging KORE’s T-Mobile relationship, Simpel gained connectivity at a competitive rate, also KORE was tasked with the oversight of operations and service – allowing Simpel to focus exclusively on their strengths in marketing and business development.
  • When it came time to upgrade their technology stack several years after initial launch - KORE was asked to manage a project with the objective of delivering a rock-solid platform without any impact to the 100k of customers – this took 2 months.
Now having approached one million customers, Simpel has proven that an acute focus on the customer experience, while trusting a company like KORE with their technology needs, can yield explosive growth."