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Critical Healthcare Delivery Via Drones Supported by KORE Connectivity

Swoop Aero LP image

Swoop Aero has made it their mission to deliver critical healthcare assets to those most in need, no matter where they are in the world. Their missions have spanned harsh terrain to reach extremely remote locations to provide medicine amidst flood conditions. Swoop Aero has even cut the logistics timetable from days to hours in sending COVID-19 test kits and supplies to hard-to-reach areas in Scotland during the pandemic. Drones and global, resilient connectivity to keep these critical assets in the air and moving have made Swoop Aero’s mission possible.

Download the case study, “Drones Deliver Critical Medical Assets with KORE-Enabled IoT Technology” to learn:
  • The value of multi-tech connectivity
  • How eSIM technology enables global connectivity support
  • Why simplified strategies through key partnerships bolster IoT success