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Beecham Report: IoT-Enabled Healthcare Plays a Pivotal Role

Access this report to learn more about healthcare IoT use cases and challenges.

The healthcare industry is facing several big challenges. Not only are service prices increasing and patient standards and expectations raising higher, but there are also far more patients of advanced ages placing strain on an already taxed healthcare system. We’re living longer and working longer than in previous generations and this is proving quite challenging for hospitals and healthcare clinics. Longer lifespans mean more potential for chronic or severe health concerns – but healthcare providers are being tasked with finding a way to reduce unnecessary patient readmissions. So how can they provide adequate care to people with chronic conditions and simultaneously avoid hospitalisation or constant in-person monitoring? Quite simply, the answer is focused healthcare IoT technology.

In this report from Beecham Research, we explore the benefits and challenges to leveraging IoT in the healthcare verticals. On the surface, the benefits of IoT in healthcare seem obvious. Constant monitoring shared with healthcare teams via cellular or Bluetooth data means more prompt attention to anomalies and fewer in-person visits. But what are the challenges that they face? Key challenges like security breaches and vulnerabilities, data collection accuracy, and device and network interoperability are just a few. This brief overview will shed light on some of the key considerations when deploying a healthcare IoT solution.

Access the Beecham Research report, “IoT-Enabled Healthcare Plays a Pivotal Role,” to learn:
  • What the landscape of Healthcare IoT looks like
  • Ideal use cases for healthcare IoT deployments
  • The four key components of a successful IoT partner