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Guide to the Top Six Fleet IoT Needs that Should be on Your Radar

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The commercial fleet industry was one of the earliest adopters of IoT, leveraging fleet IoT solutions to improve operational efficiencies and productivity, reduce costs, and improve driver behavior and safety. These early successes – as well as increased demand for optimised fleet operations and prevalence of government-mandated fleet safety policies – have driven continued expansion in the fleet IoT market which is expected to grow to $8.21 billion by 2021, up from just $3.16 billion in 2016. Although market growth numbers are favourable, competitive pressures are also growing as the result of new players entering the space.

The optimal fleet IoT solution will vary based on unique operator requirements, however there are myriad products, services, technologies, and innovations that you can integrate into existing solutions to add value for customers, generate new revenue streams, and ultimately differentiate your business in an increasingly saturated marketplace.

In this guide, “Fleet IoT Providers: Top 6 Fleet Needs That Should be on Your Radar,” we explore the primary functionalities that fleet managers and operators seek in a fleet IoT solution, as well as emerging opportunities in each area that can empower you to diversify your portfolio and deliver the technologies your customers need. By delving into six of the most promising solutions for fleet IoT providers, you will be equipped with actionable insights that will contribute to sustained, long term success.

Download the KORE guide to learn more about:
  • The primary functionalities that fleet organisations seek in IoT solutions
  • Six opportunities for fleet IoT providers to expand and enhance their product offerings
  • Supporting market data for each opportunity