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Fleet Risk Insurance and IoT Solutions

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We have good news and bad news about fleet risk insurance. The bad news: insurance is already expensive and rates are on the rise. The good news: you can cut those costs dramatically with IoT.

Insurance companies offer a range of benefits to fleets with a telematics solution. Some will give an automatic discount. Others provide data-driven coverage that rewards safe driving. No matter what, the safety benefits of IoT and location-based services give fleet managers powerful leverage when negotiating insurance rates.

To get an idea of just how much this technology can save you, here’s an example. One 32-vehicle fleet saved $20,000 to $30,000 in just one year after switching to a telematics-based insurance policy1.

Download the eBook, “Fleet Risk Insurance and IoT Solutions” to learn:
  • Why insurance companies love IoT
  • The specific IoT technologies that keep your fleet safer
  • What your telematics dashboard could look like
  • How telematics data can form the foundation of an effective driver safety program
  • How video can take your driver safety monitoring to the next level