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IoT in Smart Cities: Technologies and Strategies for Success

Download the eBook “IoT in Verticals: Digital Solutions for a Digital Age.”

The push to reach net-zero carbon; the desire to enhance safety, efficiency, and quality of life; and the opportunity to automate certain operations all lead toward the development of smart cities over time. Whether it is integrating artificial intelligence in traffic management; reducing carbon emissions; or placing cameras on street corners, IoT can help.  

Deciphering what technology best fits your use case – 5G, private networks, eSIM, and so on – takes a key understanding of the benefits, as well as the potential drawbacks.

KORE leverages the latest research from a global Kaleido Intelligence survey focused on industry experts in smart cities and a fascinating customer use case from View, Inc., the market opportunity and real-life strategies for smart cities applications.  

Download the eBook, “IoT in Verticals: Digital Solutions for a Digital Age” to learn:
  • Challenges among cellular IoT adopters and non-adopters
  • The eSIM opportunity
  • Details on how View, Inc., best utilised IoT for its intelligent windows