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Key Considerations for Achieving Long-Term, Global IoT Connectivity with eSIM

Download the eBook Key Considerations for Achieving Long-Term Global IoT

With many more ‘things’ being connected as part of the IoT, one of the most important challenges that enterprises are facing is ensuring ‘always on’ connectivity for their devices wherever they are and however many they have. This is particularly the case for service providers and device OEMs, who may have global operations, where being connected is closely related to the service they offer – no connectivity, no service. How do they find the best connectivity for their devices, providing the coverage and the data speeds they need? In addition to connectivity there are other challenges as well, for example when expanding in multiple regions there is a high need for control and security.

However, if you do not have the connectivity, you cannot reach the device. So, in the end it is really the global IoT connectivity that is the key and, in addition to that, there is a need to ensure the best coverage in each region. In other words, if the network currently being used is not available for some reason, then how can you switch to the next best available network?

Download the eBook, “Key Considerations for Achieving Long-Term Global IoT Connectivity with eSIM” to learn more about:
  • Moving to eSIM
  • The three main use cases for eSIM
  • The KORE Solution