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Monetising IoT Data in the Asset Monitoring Business

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Asset management is a cross-industry preoccupation, as the storage, moving, and maintenance of assets represents a significant cost for most businesses. Similarly, the ability to rapidly deliver products and services to customers enables organisations in most industries to create additional value. All of that said, the optimisation of asset management and logistic flows is an important operational initiative.

In the near future, in most cases, asset tracking and monitoring will be deployed in the guise of cost-cutting initiatives. However, there are also promising opportunities for monetising data, especially in localisation data and for new services related to asset monitoring. They are still limited for the time being but the trend toward serviced business models, or collaborative logistics, is expected to continue to develop rapidly.

Download the eBook, “Monetising IoT Data in Asset Monitoring Business” to learn more about:
  • Monetising IoT data in the asset monitoring business
  • Key options to connect the assets
  • The increasing value of the data