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IoT Connectivity Predictions: Moving to 5G, eSIM, and Beyond

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Connectivity powers the Internet of Things, and it’s a rapidly evolving technology. As IoT adoption has grown across all industry sectors, wireless connectivity has adapted to offer several network technologies specifically for IoT solutions. With so many new options, how do you choose the right connectivity for your IoT deployments?

From LPWA to 5G to eSIM, understanding the many connectivity options is just the beginning. Ensuring that your chosen connectivity technology works for your solution requires having the right services to support it, which includes things like device management, deployment services, and security.

Join industry experts from ABI Research and KORE as we explore the latest advancements in connectivity options for IoT.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What are the various advanced connectivity technologies available for IoT solutions and how they differ
  • What are the key considerations for connectivity choices, such as private vs. public networks and SIM types
  • Which SIM technology we predict will take off in 2021, and how to determine whether traditional SIM, eSIM, or iSIM is right for you
  • How we predict real-time intelligence and data analytics will transform industries such as healthcare and fleet management