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IoT in Healthcare: Connecting to What Matters

KORE talks opportunities and challenges in Smart Cities in this on-demand webinar.

The opportunity to connect patients to care providers, expedite drug treatments, support patient outcomes, offer safety and wellness in wearable forms, and much more is on the horizon with connected healthcare leveraging IoT.

Innovations in telemedicine, wearables, connected devices, and decentralised clinical trials have proven that connecting devices, people, and medical professionals can have myriad positive effects, yet some challenges remain in creating these complex infrastructures that are also heavily regulated. With new technologies on the rise, as well, beginning a connected health IoT deployment or scaling can feel highly complicated. 

KORE leverages the latest data from a global Kaleido Intelligence survey to bring together a panel of industry experts to break down the findings and give real-life strategy and advice to make the most of connected health technology.

KORE, Kaleido Intelligence, eDEVICE, and Smart Meter View, Inc. discuss the top challenges and opportunities in IoT for energy and utilities in this on-demand webinar. Download the webinar to learn:

  • The results of Kaleido’s global survey as it pertains to connected health applications
  • Customer experience in leveraging IoT in connected health
  • The top three connected health innovations