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IoT is Dead: The New Narrative for 2024

Watch the on-demand recording of “2024 Unleashed: IoT’s New Narrative for Digital Transformation.”

As we begin to wind down 2023, it seems that IoT is dead. Or is it? We anticipate that IoT is forming a new narrative, where it is becoming less of a peg in the technology sector and more immersed into the entire ecosystem. Edge computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G – emerging and cutting-edge technologies aren’t possible without IoT. 

So what exactly is the new narrative for IoT? Download the on-demand recording “2024 Unleashed: IoT’s New Narrative for Digital Transformation” to hear from  KORE expert Jason Dietrich and analyst Matt Hatton from Transforma Insights, where they discuss in detail:

  • The state of the tech industry in 2023 and beyond
  • What cross-optimisation means for IoT
  • How to capture the next wave of digital transformation