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Becoming 5G Ready

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The 5G rollout is expected to drive many exciting new technology developments, but it will also help enhance and scale existing IoT solutions. With the phased rollout of 5G, there is plenty of time to prepare, while also leveraging powerful connectivity already on the market.

KORE expert Marco Bijvelds explains the 5G impact on IoT and how to prepare for this new network generation in his presentation “Beyond Consumer Hype: 5G Powers Massive IoT Growth” during IoT Days Winter 2021.

Watch the recording “Beyond Consumer Hype: 5G Powers Massive IoT Growth” from IoT Days Winter 2021 to learn:
  • The different categories of network connectivity and use cases
  • How 4G and 5G will be symbiotic
  • Why choosing a trusted partner to become 5G ready increases success